You should always be nice to someone because you never know?

What can happen to them?

I agree, but I bet Bella wouldn’t though as she doesn’t care how many guys she uses.

Hi, Miss Marisa!!!! 🙂

That’s exactly how I see it. I’m always nice to people because you never know what demons they have to fight. You never know how they really feel inside and I would never want to hurt anyones feelings. I guess I developed this mindset when I was going through a tough time and people weren’t so nice to me because they had no idea what I was dealing with behind closed doors.


Well, my logic is to be nice who’s nice to you. However, you never know what’s going on in that person’s life, so yeah.

No, you should be nice to people because you never know when one of them may be your tyrannical world ruler…

Yes… be nice to me…I’m a lot older than you and you never know how much longer I’ll be around.

That is true, I never thought about that.

i am nice to everyone


agreed ~

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