15 Year old & nose piercing?

Would you let your 15 year old daughter get her nose pierced?

Well I would not. I personally wanted to now, but in the future it may make her look kinda trashy, and it takes away from natural beauty. Wait until she is older

Yes I would. She is old enough to get certain piercings. It isn’t permanent. If she decides in the future that she doesn’t want it anymore she can just take it out.

no i would tell her that she can only get two piercings in each ear and that she can do whatever she wants when she’s 18

yeah maybe…

im 15 years old and half my friends in class have nose piercings…my mum doesnt think its so bad aswell….but i aint got one :)!!

anyway thanks and have a great day :)!!!~

ha! 1/2 of the kids in my grade (9th) have lip or belly button piercing.
it’s really sick

yes, im 14 and my bellybutton is pierced

uh no. They would just look so ugly

No, it hurts alot there.

Hell no.

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