2004 Honda Element or Scion Xb?

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I am looking at either the 2004 Honda Element or the 2004 Scion Xb. I am really torn as to which one I should choose. I am going to be 16 and this will be my first car. My uncle also owns a car dealership so he said he could get me a good used one at an auction. What do you think the minimum price of…

I used to own an AWD Element and now drive a second generation (2008-2010) xB. Although initially I enjoyed the Element, I grew tired of the clam shell doors and plastic panels. On top of that the Element developed some un-Hondalike problems that Honda didn’t handle very well. The killer was $1200 for a new heater core in a meticulously maintained vehicle with less than 40,000 miles on it. I had to wrestle with Honda to get them to cover half of the repair and with the dealer’s service department not to inflate the cost and stick me with an even bigger bill. Six months after I sold the Element, Honda declared this a recall issue and I was able to get a check for my cost of the repair. If they had owned up to it in the first place I’d probably still be driving the Element.

I never cared for the original xB design. Although it has many devoted fans, I thought it was small, underpowered and just a little too cute. It was a decent looking ride except for the protruding lower lip front bumper. That detail ruined the whole design for me. On the other hand I love my xB2. It has the right balance of power and economy, seats five, is comfortable, fun to drive and is still big on the inside yet small on the outside. Toyota has also done a better job of customer support. I’ve had one problem with my Scion. Last winter a mouse chewed through some wiring while the car sat in the garage (not uncommon I found out). Although not a defect in the vehicle, Toyota covered it under warranty.

If the choice is between the Element and a first generation xB, I’d go with the Element…as long as it’s a 2006 or newer. It’s a more substantial vehicle and by 2006 the bugs had been worked out of the Element’s design. If you can only pop for a 2003-2004, the xB is probably a safer bet. If you can swing the cost of the newer xB design, I’d go for it in a heartbeat. Tell your parents that it is a much safer vehicle than an older Element or Scion, you’ll keep your grades up and if they love you….

For everything you could possibly want to know about the Element, check out http://www.elementownersclub.com
Personally, I liked the Element, but I love the xB2.

Personally, I would choose the Honda. Honda is ranked number 1 in customer satisfaction, and they’re very reliable and safe. Scion is made by Toyota. Toyota also makes excellent cars, but they tend to have somewhat bland driving characteristics. The xB also has a strange gauge layout compared to most cars, and the Element is available with AWD, which creates a more sure-footed vehicle.

If you plan on hauling around 4 or less people, the element would also be better. Less people often means more passenger space. The Element also has more plastic surfaces on the body, making scratches less noticeable as well.

Why do you want AWD? not 4WD you aren’t using a part time or full time system, it’s an on-demand system. Why do you want outdoorsy in an XBox, Those things are more than obviously for intown use not outdoor use. The Element is a fake out door vehicle. If you buy one you’ll understand what I mean. Where do you live. Where ever you live and how you use a car is going to be the biggest determining factors of which type of vehicle you should get. If you are intown I’d say to just gedt the FWD XBox, but if you are in the country then I’d tell you to go get something that can handle the country, neither of those two can handle the country.

The 06 Scion XB. I have owned one for 2 years now . The xb is by a long shot the best car I have ever owned.

AWD will consume more gas. So if you don’t need that you should go for the more economical one.

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