A question to religious folk?

How do you view atheist?

I think, as religion teach us many good things like honesty,kindness,charity,truth etc. and we people believe that if we will not follow that then God will punish us so if we will even think of doing something like that then a thought will come to our mind that oh! God is watching me, if I’ll do this then God will punish me then it stops us to do the bad things. You can take my example if I ever think of lying, a thought comes to my mind that God is watching me. If I’ll lie then I may get away from my little problem but what about the problem I’ll face as a punishment from God for lying? Then I don’t lie. So that is due to the fear of God. But as atheists don’t believe in God, they have no fear of Him. So as they don’t consider it a sin, they don’t hesitate to do bad stuff.They may stop due to the police but what about the moral values like truth & honesty etc. Police can’t stop them from lying. Still if the police will catch them it would happen if they will find any evidence against them. But God got all evidences. He can command our own body parts to tell the truth. At the day of Judgment our all body parts will talk. Our hands would say that he used us for stealing, killing etc. same for other parts. So we fear God. BUT BUT BUT I know there are many atheist who left their religion for some sort of problem that they felt that it was in their previous religion which is bad or unjust. But they shouldn’t have lose their faith in God. There are many religions in this world & they can’t all be true. There must be one religion which is true so they, not only atheist but every person should have studied them. Specially major religions i.e Christianity, Islam, Hinduism,Buddhism and Judaism. First they should better check the fastest growing religion because there must be a reason for that high rate of conversion. Don’t you think? Don’t ask which is that! Because you would say that I am saying that because I belong to that religion.

I believe you should judge a religion by it’s scripture not by it’s people. Black sheep is in every community whether Christian or Muslim. Do you think that everyone completely follows the true teachings of it’s scripture. Some people don’t know what are the real teachings of their religion. So instead of completely losing their faith on God they should search for the truth.

God help those who help themselves.
If they will pray to God for true guidance and sincerely seek the truth then God will surly help them.

May God give you guidance.Aameen

I do not feel that is the case. I’m now not a religious man or woman however I do have a personal relationship with my Heavenly Father and He says that a wedding must be between one man and one lady. I’m not concerned that if homosexual marriage is legalized then the human race will stop reproducing like the “youngsters of guys” movie. It is extra of a moral hassle then a worry of the end of the American race. You’re right when you say a man or woman will also be homosexual and follow a faith. Just as a pair will also be going to church on Sundays and are shacking up. I consider that many persons who comply with a religion put different sins on a scale. For those who lie it is not that unhealthy. If you are having permarital intercourse that’s mistaken. If you are gay then be careful. That is not how God views it. Sin is sin. That is it. Nothing extra nothing much less.

I know for a fact the first answer is by an atheist, and I just view them as average people, just like the Christians, I view the violent atheists with less respect, my cousin is an atheist and I love him, he just doesn’t believe, that’s alright he is a nice guy and we don’t mock each other’s opinions, we just live with them

I view them no differently than I view any other group of people. If they are decent people and are kind and respectful to me, I will be kind and respectful to them. Their lack of belief in deity does not affect me or anyone I care about, so they are free to not believe as they see fit, and I certainly won’t judge them for it. I have atheistic family members, and we get along just fine. My uncle’s response to me becoming a Wiccan was “hey, whatever makes you happy”. No judgement, just love and support.

The only “atheists” I dislike because of their beliefs are more rightly called “anti-theists”, that is, the rude atheists who can’t accept that theists can be intelligent individuals and feel as evangelistic about their atheism as the most intolerant, evangelistic of theists. I hate proselytism, and I do not believe that a belief in deities makes me less rational or intelligent than any atheist.
Venus and Hermes Bless

That question is too broad. How I view atheists depends entirely on how they behave and how they treat me. If they behave like compassionate human beings, then I view them with a great deal of respect. If they behave like angry little teenagers who think they know everything, I view them as sad, miserable people.

What a person believes and how they get their spiritual jollies is their own private business. It’s great to share it, too, but compassion, tolerance and respect should be offered along with it.

Atheism is a religion, much like all religions it is based on faith. I am a non-religious scientist, but I can be an atheist right now because I cannot prove there is n god. The evidence for and against god’s existence is the same: HERE WE ARE. That is it. Evidence for evolution does exist but how that first life got started is a mystery beyond our experience to understand. I would like to say that it doesn’t matter to me but it is a great question to be resolved. I do know there are no spirits or demons and angels. I do know that human beings are predatory animals just like all other animals on earth therefore certainly not any kind of special creation by god or natural happenstance.

Just like anyone else, a human being. Being an atheist does not affect my view on you, its the way you act.

Kind of sad.

Around the world, only 1 person in 50 is atheist. I wonder how it is that they miss what the rest of us can so clearly see.

An atheist does not believe in any creator, they view everything as a form of spontaneous result without absolutely no reason.

…and they call us Christians “close-minded”.

God bless’

Just like everyone else…..it depends on the atheist and how they act.

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