Americans: What would you do if Donald Trump got elected as president?

I would move out of America. Honestly, I think Donald Trump is a joke.

Here comes World War 3

Wait for him to shoot off his mouth again at the wrong person, then wait for the consequences. Putin doesn’t accept apologies and would slam that little chump like an ape on a schoolgirl.

Treat him like the GOP treats Obama. Just watch Fox say critisizing the president is treason. I will laugh at that.

The same thing I’d do if he didn’t get elected — mock the whole political system and make choices based on my rational self-interest.

Move to Mars and start a new civilization

Illumanti confirmed.

Laugh. Liberals would go nuttier than they already are. Would be fun to watch.

Grin and bear it. What other choice would I have? I DO have relatives in Canada, though.

Try to ignore him and everything his does until he’s impeached….when shouldn’t take long.

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