Are Jehovah Witnesses,The only Christians that like the Jewish People know the meaning of the Hebrew “Sheol”?

(Ecclesiastes 9:5) 5 For the living are conscious that they will die; but as for the dead, they are conscious of nothing at all,. . .10 All that your hand finds to do, do with your very power, for there is no work nor devising nor knowledge nor wisdom in She′ol (The Common Grave), the place to which you are…

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In the book of Jeremiah 7:31, it says that burning humans in a fire as a sacrifice has never come up into Jehovah’s heart 7:31 “And they have built the high places of Topheth, which is in the valley of the son of Hinnom, in order to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire, a thing that I had not commanded and that had not come up into my heart.”

Hell fire, as taught in Christendom, is a lie. Why, though, would a religion lie about hell fire?

Jesus said this at John 8:44 “You are from your father the devil, and you wish to do the desires of your father. That one was a manslayer when he began, and he did not stand fast in in the truth, because truth is not in him. When he speaks the lie, he speaks according to his own disposition, because he is a liar and the father of the lie.

Pagan nations that surrounded ancient Israel practiced burning their sons and daughters in the fire, as a sacrifice. Jehovah never intended burning people, not for a public sacrifice, or eternally for punishment.

Adam was sentenced to die, and he returned to dust, not sentenced to an eternal fiery hell Genesis 3;19.

The burning hell is a scare tactic used to build fear.

The premise of a burning eternal hell, which souls burn forever has no basis. According to Christendom, a soul is immortal and leaves the body after death. If that is the case, how does a soul burn, if the soul is not the body?

Christemdom is filled with errors about death.

Jehovah’s Witnesses print a great book titled “What Does the Bible Really Teach” in the book hell is discussed.

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The word hell is G86 – hadēs ᾅδης
Outline of Biblical Usage 1) name Hades or Pluto, the god of the lower regions 2) Orcus, the nether world, the realm of the dead 3) later use of this word: the grave, death, hell

As one can see hell, hades, shoel mean the grave, Mythology’s Pluto was a god of the underworld, this is from paganism. It’s been adulterated into Christendom & today most that claim to be christian believe in this pagan festival to the god of the underworld Pluto.

At Revelation 20:14 it states that hell “a place” & death “a thing” are cast into the lake of fire where the beast & the false prophet are. The beast is symbolic,the false prophet is symbolic, the lake of fire is symbolic. What has the religious leaders done, they made it literal, now people think that if they are bad they go to hell. The Bible says there is going to be a resurrection of the righteous & the unrighteous, the good & the bad(John5:28,29;Acts24:15). If all the good people are in heaven & all the bad people are in hell, why would they have too be resurrected? This is why false religion is called a harlot, Babylon the Great. We are told to get out of her.
John 17:3 says this means everlasting life, there taking in knowledge of you the only true God(Jehovah, Psalms 83:18 King James), and the one you sent forth, Jesus Christ.
For accurate information on what the Bible teaches go to , click on the publication “What Does The Bible Really Teach”.

Apparently, Yosef does not know his own language! He sounds so hateful, but consider what some impartial experts say.

According to Professors Stephen L. Harris and James Tabor, sheol is a place of “nothingness” that has its roots in the Hebrew Bible (or Talmud).

“The ancient Hebrews had no idea of an immortal soul living a full and vital life beyond death, nor of any resurrection or return from death. Human beings, like the beasts of the field, are made of “dust of the earth,” and at death they return to that dust (Gen. 2:7; 3:19). The Hebrew word nephesh, traditionally translated “living soul” but more properly understood as “living creature,” is the same word used for all breathing creatures and refers to nothing immortal…All the dead go down to Sheol, and there they lie in sleep together — whether good or evil, rich or poor, slave or free (Job 3:11-19). It is described as a region “dark and deep,” “the Pit,” and “the land of forgetfulness,” cut off from both God and human life above (Pss. 6:5; 88:3-12). Though in some texts Yahweh’s power can reach down to Sheol (Ps. 139:8), the dominant idea is that the dead are abandoned forever. This idea of Sheol is negative in contrast to the world of life and light above, but there is no idea of judgment or of reward and punishment. If one faces extreme circumstances of suffering in the realm of the living above, as did Job, it can even be seen as a welcome relief from pain–see the third chapter of Job. But basically it is a kind of “nothingness,”(Ps. 88:10).”

Really good question! For me as a former Catholic it was always clear, that a belief that founded on the Jewish religion, must have the same roots concerning “Who is god?”, “What happens after death?” and so on.

There is of no use if this belief is completely different from the origin.
1 God –> Trinity
Dead sleep –> immortal soul
paradise on earth –> heaven/hell/purgatorium
priests can marry –> priests cannot marry
and so on…

There are two Greek words for the abode of the dead. (Greek is the language in which the New Testament of the Bible was originally written.) Hell (Geenna in Greek, also called the lake of fire and the eternal fire) was made for the Devil and his minions (Matthew 25:41) and will be occupied by all the unrighteous after the last judgement (Revelation 19:20-21 and 20:10-15). There is no biblical evidence that anyone has gone there or will go there until after Jesus’ Second Coming (Revelation 19:11-16).

The Old Testament teaches life after death, and that all people went to a place of conscious existence called Sheol. The wicked were there (Psalm 9:17; 31:17; 49:14; Isaiah 5:14), and so were the righteous (Genesis 37:35; Job 14:13; Psalm 6:5; 16:10; 88:3; Isaiah 38:10).

The New Testament equivalent of Sheol is Hades. Prior to Christ’s resurrection, Luke 16:19-31 shows Hades to be divided into two realms: a place of comfort where Lazarus was and a place of torment where the rich man was. The word hell in verse 23 is not “Gehenna” (place of eternal torment) but “Hades” (place of the dead). Lazarus’s place of comfort is elsewhere called Paradise (Luke 23:43). Between these two districts of Hades is “a great gulf fixed” (Luke 16:26).

Jesus is described as having descended into Hades after His death (Acts 2:27, 31; cf. Ephesians 4:9). At the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it seems that the believers in Hades (i.e., the occupants of Paradise) were moved to another location. Now, Paradise is above rather than below (2 Corinthians 12:2-4).

Today, when a believer dies, he is “present with the Lord” (2 Corinthians 5:6-9). When an unbeliever dies, he follows the Old Testament unbelievers to Hades. At the final judgment, Hades will be emptied before the Great White Throne, where its occupants will be judged prior to entering the lake of fire (Revelation 20:13-15).

God bless!

Jewish people know that is the word for grave and that hell is not mentioned in the Hebrew scriptures.
That the only hope held out to them is life or death. Not heaven and hell places for which heaven is for God and the spirit persons and death is for those not approved by God.

The concept of humans going to heaven or hell only presents it’s self in the greek bible. So the only miss translations of the scriptures occurs in the so called New testament.

So when they discount the Hebrew scriptures is why most people have lost faith in the bible.

No I don’t believe so. And I worry about the people that are lead by “blind guides”
who after telling them falsely about what death is. Or can’t or won’t show them from scriptures, THEN proceed to tell them not only is hell real, BUT it is for people that QUESTION God..

The hard part for me is the people are so afraid to look further into the Bible at that point because they feel they are being disrespectful to God by doing the very thing that will send them to eternal torture.

NOW that is abused. And most abused people don’t want anymore pain.

Thank goodness Jehovah understands that ALL to well and can find a way to reach their hearts even though at the time sometimes he has to MAKE them see it is MORE than ok to question him.

Why would it be ok for Abraham? And not for them. Abraham after questioning God was counted GOD’S FRIEND.

Therein lies the challenge.

You people have no clue what sheol means in my language. Don’t presume to know what words mean when you can’t even speak it. The Jw cult for years has tried to tell my people what our words mean but you guys show Absolutely no knowledge of Hebrew. All you know is what ever the Watchtower has told you but yet they have no language experts working for them at all.

You cultist are arrogant jerks who think because you read a few Watchtower publications that makes you Bible experts. I bet not a single one of you has ever learned the Biblical Languages. I bet not one has ever studied the Bible on a professional academic level. All you know is what the Watchtower has told you!

The Reverend has the correct answer. At least he understands the language. He is not following tradition like some one said…..he did his homework!

Shalom! ( Do you know what that means)

Let’s just even talk about “hell” in English
Research of old English etymology shows
hell to mean, a covering over or concealing.

An old english phrase, “helling potatoes”
meant covering over as in a cellar
(no roasting or barbecuing involved)

Yes I know the meaning of Sheol very well. I have wanted it to conceal me once or twice.
Our loving father would never put anyone on a burning place of torment. When Adam disobeyed him and died, he went back to dust. He did not go to a burning place of torment. And he was a perfect human.

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