Aussie/Border Collie mix puppy stimulation?

I have a Aussie Border collie mix 6 month old puppy he is crazy lol i just need some ideas for some fun ideas to help keep him simulated.

This is a VERY high energy dog, and will need LOTS of exercise, not just running around in the back yard. It should be taken for a walk for 5 minutes for each month of its life (so that at 8 weeks, it can walk for 10 minutes) twice or three times a day. Once you hit 24 months, so that you’re walking him for about 2 hours, then you can walk him longer if you like. If you don’t give this dog a LOT of exercise and play time, you’ll find him misbehaving because he’s got too much pent-up energy. Be sure to take him to puppy kindergarten and to obedience classes. You want him to be trained to walk at heel before he gets so large that he’ll pull your arm out of the socket when you’re trying to walk him. Ask the breeder to keep the puppy until it is at least 8 weeks old – the puppy needs the extra time to learn how to be a dog and to learn bite inhibition. It doesn’t matter whether you get a male or a female, but because it is a mixed breed dog, be sure to have it neutered or spayed by the time it’s six months old – or you’ll have a bunch of puppies to take care of and find homes for. $95 is a lot of money to pay for a mixed breed dog. Make sure the puppy has had all its baby shots, is 8 weeks old, and is wormed before you shell out that kind of money for a mixed breed dog. Good luck!

At 6 months he needs a solid foundation, Obedience classes. Socialization with other people & dogs. Train him & get his CGC. Maybe try some Rally Obedience. If he doesn’t already, teach him to fetch. Great for games of ball or frisbee. Use these games to reinforce self-control & off-leash behavior in a safe fenced in area or on a long-line, recalls, sits, downs, stays. With a solid foundation, you will form a great bond with your dog & be ready to persue a canine sports activity like Agility or FlyBall if you so choose.

Agility, obedience, frisbee….LOTS of things you can do. If you are lucky, and live in an area where people actually use them for herding, you can even do that.


take him outside and play fetch or something, walk him, give him one of those kong things from the pet store, or play tug of war with a rope or other favorite toy.

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