Best makeup look for a girl in year 9? age 13 turning 14?

Best makeup look for a girl in year 9? age 13 turning 14?
Look i am going for is..

-Clean fresh girly n pretty 🙂 xx thanks so a good makeup routine thnkss xx

• At some point almost every girl decides that she wants to wear makeup. Many of us begin to wear it during middle school. The question is, how do you use the many types of makeup out there and how much is appropriate?

Ask your parents. If they say sure, go for it. If they say no, that’s pretty much the end of it. Don’t try to sneak out of the house with blue eyeshadow and bright red lipstick. And please don’t sneak your makeup to school. You will be caught, and besides, it’s tacky to put it on at school.

Figure out a place to do your makeup and gather your supplies. I do mine in the bathroom, but you can also do it in your bedroom if you have a mirror in there. It’s good to do it in the same place every day (if you choose to do it every day) to help work it into your routine.

Wash your face. Always start with a clean “canvas.”

Decide what you want to use. I usually use eyshadow, mascara, and eyeliner, but some girls like lip gloss and blush too, and some like less than I do.

Start with your face: blush, foundation, powder. I personally do not believe in using foundation and powder in middle school, but blush can be fun. Choose what is right for your skin tone. If you have a pink undertone, use a light pink. If you have a yellow undertone, use a rosy red or brown. Look in your mirror and smile really big. Sweep some blush onto the apples of your cheeks with circular motions. Sit back and look in the mirror. If the blush stands out, you have too much on.

Now come your eyes. Start by applying a thin layer of liquid eyeshadow all over your eyelid, up to your eyebrow. This is to make your eyeshadow stay in place without running into your creases, so skip this step if you won’t be using eyeshadow.

Now is the eyebrow pencil. Fill in your eyebrows lightly with the pencil using small, feathery motions so that it looks natural. This is mainly to fill in the areas that don’t have a lot of eyebrow hairs. Don’t use the pencil on the areas in your eyebrows that are not above your eye.

It’s time for eyeliner. Eyeliner comes in many forms, but I prefer to use pencil instead of liquid because it blends easily and creates a softer effect. Here is how to choose your eyeliner color. If you have:

Dark-colored eyes (dark brown, grey, or black): you can use any color eyeliner including black and still look natural.

Medium-colored or fair eyes: start off by using brown eyeliner. You can use different colors such as blue or green once you’ve gotten good at application.

Start above your lashes. Put the tip of your eyeliner pencil at the inner corner of your eye. Now draw a thin line to the outside corner, as close to the eyelashes as possible.

Now put it on below your eye. Put it on the same way you did in step 8, but start at the outside corner this time. If you have smaller eyes, don’t go all the way to the inside corner. If you have larger eyes, go ahead. You can also blend it down a little bit to give a sort of smokey eye effect.

Next we have eyeshadow. This, too, depends on the color of your eyes. Different colors will emphasize and brighten the color of your eyes and others will not. If you have:

Blue eyes: Use brown, gray, deep blue or light-purple.
Gray eyes: Use gray, brown, andn purple.
Green and hazel eyes: Use gold, light green, taupe, peach and soft violets.
Brown eyes: Anything goes.

Use your finger to dab some powder onto your eyelid. Be sparing with unnatural colors like purple and peach, because too much will make you look like you got punched in the eye. Blend well, and don’t go all the way up to your eyebrow.

Now we have mascara. If you have dark eyes, use black mascara and if you have lighter colored eyes use brown or brown-black. Hold the brush in front of your eye horizontally and blink onto it repeatedly so that your top lashes brush it. If they clump comb them with–what else–a hair comb. You can choose to apply it to your bottom lashes or not.

If you want to use lip gloss, now is the time to do it. Apply chapstick first so that it doesn’t chap your lips. Keep the color and shine soft if your eyes are very dramatic. If both your lips and eyes stand out they’ll compete for attention. And if your lips, eyes, AND blush stand out, you’ll look like a clown.

1.) Prime your face
2.) Apply a foundation or tinted moisturizer
3.) If needed add a concealer
4.) Sets your makeup with a setting powder or a powder foundation.
5.) Apply a rosy pink, mauve or coral cream blush.

1.) Wear a shimmery light beige shadow on the lid and wear a matte medium brown in the crease and bring all the way to the lower lash line and than highlights your inner corner with a shimmery gold and lastly highlight your brow bone with a matte skin tone color or just a matte white eyeshadow.
2.) Eyeliner & Mascara: Apply a light flesh or white liner to the waterline than curl your lashes and apply 1-2 coats of a waterproof mascara.

1.) Moisturize it with an SPF Lip Balm or Chapstick.
2.) Apply a pink, mauve or nude lipstick and than a light color gloss on top.

I’m in year 9 too, and the best make-up to wear is So-clear powder foundation form miss sporty, it absorbs all the oil and sweat on your face and leaves you looking like your wearing smooth foundation, at the same time it also helps keep spots and blackheads away unlike some other foundations.

I’d also go for black eye-liner (liquid if you know how to use it) and a bit of mascara then each day wear a different eye shadow according to your mood.
This is what I do as it gives you a variety of looks 🙂

Clean and fresh means don’t wear a ton of makeup; you want to look like you are not wearing any. Light pinks give a girly look with not much or neutral eyeliner and mascara. So, choose a light pink gloss and light pink or coral blush. For your eyes, apply concealer under eye and around eyelids, then use a beige on lid and light brown in your crease. Then apply light brown or grey liner and mascara.

clean your face with some makeup remover towelettes before starting!
1. put on some face powder that matches your skin color
2. maybe some bronzer but not too heavy!
3. a little natural colored pink blush, but not too much and make sure you have the same amount on each cheek!
4. a little skin colored/ natural colored eyeshadow
5. a little grey/black eyeliner on your bottom waterline… not too thick though!
6. black mascara on top and bottom
7. to top it off… a little bit of scented lip gloss!
^^^this may seem like alot to some people, but when you put it on, it looks really pretty and not too much! GOOD LUCK!
~~~~~you can get this stuff at local thrift stores or even dollar stores, and it will look just as good as the most expensive brands!

Best Makeup For Girls

The year 9 is the year of the school…not her age!!
BTW…I think you should wear concealer if you have any pimples and dark circles.
Then…you can fix it by applying a powder..but not to much 😀
Then,for the eyes,you can line your waterline with a black eye pencil or if you prefer with a coloured eye pencil (maybe if you have green eyes you use a green eye pencil,etc.)
And for finishing the look you can wear mascara on upper and lower lashes 🙂
And if you want you can put a lip balm or a lipgloss 🙂

Hope this helped!

Fresh air is the best makeup at your age. Don’t wish old age on as it will arrive quickly enough. Schoolgirls with makeup look a bit sad in my view.

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I get that you’re 13/14 but don’t wear too much make up now, or when you’re older your skin will look terrible.

Just wear some coloured lip gloss. pInk is quite girly and looks good. try a tester to make sure the colour comes out on your lips.
Try a lip gloss that will make your lip colour a little redder, not too red, but like you just ate a red lollipop.
Also try lip gloss that brings out you natural lip colour as well. so it will tint it slightly to make your lips look gorgeous.

and don’t go heavy on eye make up or you will risk looking like a tramp like some girls in my school. wear some kohl – it may seem like a little but trust me, it goes a LONG way. It makes your eyes look bigger and will attract attention to them.

I don’t wear ANY make up to school. i just wear lip gloss and kohl.
And i always get people commenting on my kohl and how nice my eyes look.

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