Can dogs eat oreo cookies or lick them?

I’m not too sure bout the actual biscuit, due to the chocolate, but I’m pretty sure a little lick of the cream inside won’t do much harm.

My dog likes the odd Oreo now and again, but don’t overfeed him/her on them!!

As a treat, yes, but apart from that, stick to regular food.

No chocolate is poisones to dogs and cats well prett much all animals and it’s addicting for them aswell. If your pet ever gets into a larger amount of chocolate like a whole bar contact your vet right away. But you can make your pup home made treats that i’m sure he or she would love here is the web site check it out

Not good for them, don’t feed Oreos to dogs. Really, no people junk food for dogs.

My cat like to lick the cream from the center. He is old and doesn’t have much time left here. Might as well let him enjoy every last minute! He also likes to lick the salt off cheeze its.

Can they, yes. SHOULD they? No absolutely not!! The chocolate can make them sick and the frosting stuff is bad for their teeth. Give them a nice Mother Hubbard biscuit instead.

yes they lick anything ,
but oreos and chocolate kill em.

my beagles steals them from my hubby all the time and loves them. they don’t affect him but you know how everyone is about chocolate…oh, and he eats chocolate chip cookies too. they are his favorite!

they can lick the inside the vanilla but they cant have the chocolate but like 1 cookie wouldnt hurt i gave my dogs chocolate b4 just not alot or full chocolate it has like vanilla and stuff in it 2

Chocolate is bad for dogs.

FYI – so are grapes!

Dogs should not eat any kind of people food.

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