Continual Change we can believe in…?

Obama can’t keep his stories straight no matter what.

First, he said that he had no contact with the Gov. of Illinois or anyone on his staff.
And, he said that no one on his own staff had any contact with the Gov. of Illinois.
Then, he said that he was sure no one on his staff had any contact with the Gov….

Whether its “derangement”/addiction to “Koolaid” / their dim minds (courtesy of the so called “educators” seeking “unity” with the “European” on the dole(welfare) system or the ability to control the masses via the third world countries protocols, they are UNABLE to comprehend that some things are more important than their desire to have what they want when they want it simply because it’s “Fair/or a “basic human right”…

Thus, they are easily indoctrinated into parroting the sound-bite/ rational,mantra or “explanation”. etc . Once they get the new/changed “explanation” (be it simply because the “others” hate xx or are just self-centered morons etc) they are restored ,at peace (no conflict) and avidly waiting for the next wonderful announcement/speech laced with promises that “uplift” people and punish “the others”( who disagree or dont believe that the fruit of their labor,should be arbitrarily distributed to fund others*able to work/ other’s projects/businesses or used to trash our system of free enterprise). Humans always want to be on the “winning side”;Many believe they are until they experience the hook.
Some survive wiser others are simply a loss. (which if sufficiently heartrending can be used to verify xxx and gather more “support” ($$,votes, fanatics/zealots etc)
Obama’s supporters are no different than the global warming crowd worrying that the cold weather may be misinterpreted!Once one buys into /commits to a belief its difficult to force oneself to separate fact from fiction. The in the tank media reinforce the programming .

I would have thought the voters would realize a red flag whenever they see one. His baby sitter was a high profile supporter of terroism Rashid Khalidi, his mentor Rev Wright hates America, and Bill Ayers a well known terrorist was a colleauge and buddie. I’m not sur which his worse the fact they are his friends or the fact a 46 year old Harvard Law alumnus had no clue (Which I don’t buy btw) I find it hard to believe he didn’t know something was wrong with Glabo he only endorsed his bid for re election. I hope people wake up in 2012 so we can put Romney in the White House lol.

I believe in the possibility of anything, even God. I just think certain things unlikely. I really have no opinion on continual consciousness. I would not think it unlikely. The only thing I really believe is that I don’t know very much and I am capable of understanding very little. It keeps you honest with yourself. At least I think it does.

anyone that listened to the us attorney he said he went public before too many people got caught in it,there is no doubt he did not want to get obama involved so that he could keep his job. there is a little evidence against obama but not enough to convict

Obama is a master at the Pennsylvanian Two Step ..or is it the Potomac Two Step..yes we are in for some fun times trying to keep President Elect Barack Obama official story won’t be long now and he truth will come out..and it will be juicy

Obama is doing some very fancy Mohammad Ali foot work I must agree, He better be careful he doesn’t step on his own toes while doing so.
God bless !

is this the change i wanted? no,but it’s the change i expected, based on how many times obama changed his positions (campaign funding, clean coal, the iranian republican guard, meeting with terrorist leaders and dictators, gun rights, rev wright, etc,) during the campaign

why does the MSM give him a free pass, time after time? does the term ‘in the tank’ provide a clue? they’re still all ‘leg tingly’

why is America not demanding the truth? it’s like ‘the emperor’s new clothes’…but this time around, the boy cries ‘the emperor has no clothes’ and the mob cries ‘RACIST!’ and lynches the boy

either way hes going to be president and unless hes charged with something and removed from power that is the change youre going to have to put up with for 4 years. dont like him. vote him out.

Obama has at least proven thus far that he can not keep any story straight! But this is what the liberals wanted CHANGE they can believe in?!

Yes, that is change Obama supporters believe in.

Palin is looking really honest right now.

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