Did anybody see this ICE arrests more than 270 in Dallas-Fort Worth area 99 had criminal convictions?

DALLAS — Federal agents arrested 274 illegal immigrants over five days during raids in Dallas, Fort Worth and surrounding suburbs, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement announced Friday.

Authorities took into custody 233 men, 28 women and 13 children, said ICE spokesman Carl Rusnok.

The operation, which…

Following are two examples of those aliens with criminal convictions who were arrested:

Gustavo Noe Castro, 40, from Mexico, was arrested July 19 in Dallas, Texas. Castro has a lengthy criminal history, including the following: arrested and convicted in Dallas in 2000 for Assault on Family Member Resulting in Injury; also arrested and convicted in Dallas in 2000 for Possessing Controlled Substances. Castro also has three prior drunken-driving arrests in Dallas. He is being processed for deportation.Francisco Rafael Trejo, 40, from El Salvador, was arrested July 19. Trejo has a lengthy criminal history, including the following arrests: arrested and convicted of Unlawfully Carrying a Weapon in Dallas in 1991 and 1993; arrested and convicted of Possessing Controlled Substances in 2003. Trejo also has four prior drunken-driving arrests in Dallas. He is being processed for deportation.

Some of the crimes associated with the Assault, possession/manufacturing of a controlled substance, unlawful carrying of a weapon, DWI, burglary of a vehicle, burglary of a domicile, theft, injury to a family member, illegal alien with a commercial drivers license with hazmat certificate, sex assault of child, indecency with a child, failure to stop and render aid which resulted in fatality.

Those who have not already been returned to Mexico have been placed into deportation proceedings and are awaiting return to their countries of origin.

These arrests are part of ICE’s interior enforcement strategy, which was announced in April 2006 by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff and ICE Assistant Secretary Julie Myers. A critical element of this interior enforcement strategy is to identify and remove criminal aliens, fugitives and other immigration violators from the United States.

— ICE —

Yes it great we must keep the pressure on our GOV.The cost of the social services an frauds, to the citizens.We could have a surplus after deploring them, as far as jobs there working ,those were jobs we had before the invaded us,so we will have them back.Field workers prisoners like AZ uses. Legals will work for a wage increase.The USA citizens have spoken.No amnesty.deport them all.

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They are doing their job… as they should. I agree that 84 illegals is kind of weak compared with the total of illegals in this country. 84 out of 12 million is really not even scratching the surface. More must be done. Hopefully there are many more raids that we do not hear about!

I hope they keep it up and make even more raids nationwide. I would LOVE to see all the Mexicans deported. Yes I said Mexicans. You know, the jails are full of them?

Yeah,,as Larry the Cable Guy would say,,”git-r-done” and round them up and send them packing,,,

No, and I live in Fort Worth!…lol..However, while people can get on the bandwagon about getting illegals out of the country…let ask this?..who are going to pick the crops and fields that the illegals pick?..who are the people that would be willing to step up and say they will take jobs as maids, cooks,etc…?..just wondering…

I hadn’t seen this news until you put it on here. Thanks! I love it! I hope to see more and more of news items such as this!

Wow, i just took a vacation to Dallas and left Monday to come back home. I’m happy i left or my family would have been deported!

Thats cool that they are offering ID’s. They should do that all over the US.

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