Do you think Iran would actually stand a chance against Israel?

Im not sure if Iran would do anything, since most of the time they all talk, but do you think if Israel did strike Iran, would they retaliate, and would war break out?

*im iranian american btw

i cant think of it. i can’t imagine a war. so please, let’s Talk about peace, but to answer you, it wont be iran v israel, it would be iran v israel and usa and whole europe, so sadly we dont stand any chance.

I don’t think Iran would stand a chance against Israel. But the question is really moot. Iran has shown neither the intention or the capability of making trouble for anyone. They have no offensive capability, only defensive capability. They wisely decided to invest in defense rather than offense (like the US does).

In fact, President Bush desperately wanted to bomb Iran, just for his own political purposes, but he wasn’t able to because they are so well defended!

As for Iran developing nuclear weapons and then menacing the US and Israel, that’s even more ridiculous. Every nuclear nation knows that whoever uses nukes first loses. For decades here in the US, after WWII, we believed a nuclear war between the US and the USSR was inevitable, just a matter of time. I grew up during those times and it wasn’t a fun thing to think about, we all had nightmares about it. But we realized that no leader of a nuclear nation can envision a scenario by which he has anything to gain by the first use of nukes, and every nuclear nation has signed a No First Use agreement (except, of course, the US). If Iran nuked Israel they would simply cease to exist (Iran, that is), and they know that as well as anyone.

Iranian leaders use the threat of Israeli aggression as a theme to frighten people and get them to vote for them. They point to the two blue stripes on the Israeli flag and say they are the Jordan and the Tigress rivers, and that the Israeli goal is to take over all the land between these rivers. But I think they know that -everyone’s- best interests are served by stability and tranquility in the Middle East.

The thing about the area, is that Israel wouldn’t only be attacking Iran, they would be attacking Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, and Iraq. Not too mention the Taliban, and any other terrorist organization who thinks they own everything over there.

They would never have permission to cross boarders to get troops to Iran.

But, if it’s a straight Israel vs Iran, with no one else involved, Israel has a much better trained and equipped military, did you know men and women are automatically placed in the military at age 16 in Israel?

Iran has the numbers, and equipment also, but aren’t as trained as the Israelis are.

It’s a tough call, but Id say Israel

No, it would be stupid, they are already doing stupid things. But look who is running that country. Sure Iran is huge, but their planes can hardly stay in the air they are in such bad shape. The embargo against them all these years have left them weak. the answer is No Way…And I am not saying I like what the jews have been doing either.

that’s purely as much as Iran. they have the potential to % this undertaking. they could make it impossible for any attack, if Iran enables monitoring, and renounces atomic weapons. No u . s . a . on earth could dare violate her borders decrease than those circumstances.


Such doesn’t matter; a war between these two nations would be a sad sight to see in this, the 21st century.

iran will strike, but they will be rubbing their faces in the dirt when do so.


iran would piss in their pants and do nothing.


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