Do you think Texas Governor Rick Perry would make a good president? ?

In your opinion is he a good candidate? (probably spelt that wrong)

Oh God no.

OBTW, his name is spelled PARRY.

Any man hated as much in his home state as Rick Perry can not even be considered by me as a possible good President. Just ask the Texans and you will see what I mean, even most Texas Republicans want nothing to do with him.

Look at his record as the Texas Governor. He is not well liked even in his home State, and his record is awful. No, he is not a good candidate, unless you are an Obama supporter.

You need to check out his book, which just came out a few months ago. It goes against everything he is claiming now. Sorry, but you can’t change your views that quickly. Perry would only make a good President to ruin this country.

If you love 8 years of Bush and company you love Perry.

i think of any registered republican (or democrat) would desire to have the means to vote for whoever they go with. And on that notice, i could be quite ticked off if i replaced into between the thousands and thousands of Hillary Clinton supporters who voted for her interior the primaries, just to have ended up balloting for Obama via fact he ended up on the fee ticket and he or she did no longer’.

I’m rooting for Ron Paul but I think Rick Perry would do better than that Kenyan monkey in the White House.

Don’t know yet been hearing a lot from the liberal hate band and that a good sign and we all know liberals have no problem just making things up as they go So I’ll wait till i hear more from him

Hell no he is coprate politcian he reprsent the coprates not the voters

Nope, ask any Texan.

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