Fans of winning teams: have you ever been called a bandwagon fan?

This Q is for those of you that are REAL fans. Have you ever been called a bandwagon fan just because you’re a fan of a currently successful team? If so, how did you deal with it?

Yes, I have been called a bandwagon fan.
Pretty funny considering I’m a Cubs fan. And that I was born in 1962. And that the Cubs haven’t even been to a World Series since before my parents were married. And haven’t actually won a World Series since just before my late Grandfather’s fifth birthday ( He lived to be 96, and would be 106 this November)
Then I simply inform them that the Cubs actually DID have fans before 2003, before Harry Caray, before WGN became a super-station, and before Wrigley Field became the world’s largest beer garden (You know, when people actually went to a ballgame to see a ballgame).

And if they are so ignorant that they assume that anyone who is a fan of a winning team has to be a bandwagon fan, that’s their problem, not mine.

The funniest thing I’ve ever seen was someone in this forum who called me a bandwagon fan. When I informed this person of my history as a Cubs fan, he told me I was an idiot to root for a bunch of losers my whole life, and I should find a winning team to be a fan of instead. In other words, he was criticizing me because he thought I was a bandwagon fan, but then telling me I should become one. Pretty much sums up the intelligence of folks who throw that term around so loosely without any real knowledge of a team’s fans.

I kinda understand what your talking about. And I somewhat agree with you. Patriot fans are usually called Bandwagon Fans because of their recent superbowl wins. It just seemed like pre 2002 there wasn’t anyone who was a patriots fan, and now it seems like 1 out of 4 is most likley a fan of the Patriots. I just made that stat up so I don’t know. Cowboy Fans have been called Bandwagon for years. But I don’t see why anymore. And i haven’t really heard anyone who is a Cowboy fan these days being called a Bandwagon fan, so That might be a little untimely. But I agree. Colts have been good for a long time. LONGER than the Patriots, but not as good as the Patriots. I guess the reason is the Colts are just second class behind the Patriots of now-a-days and the Cowboys of the 90’s. Just my thoughts. P.S. I’m a Jaguars fan, have been a fan sinc ethey came into the league in 1995, but a HUGE fan since about 1997

Many, many times. I’m 16 years old right now and I’ve been a Red Sox fan since I was 9. People accuse me and all Red Sox fans of “jumping on the bandwagon” which really frustrates me. Not every Red Sox fan is a bandwagon fan. I supported the team since about 2001 or 2002, which was a few years before they won the World Series for the first time in 86 years. How can I only like the Red Sox because they win if they hadn’t even won when I started liking them?! It just doesn’t make sense. I try and ignore the haters because I’m a loyal Sox fan and always will be, despite what people try to tell me.

I’m an A’s fan and back in ’81 I was called a bandwagoner when Billy Ball was at its peak. The friend who accused me of this was not convinced when I rattled off names of A’s players from the past, including those of the last place teams of the late 70’s. I think people who know me now know what a die hard fan I am. It helps that the team is pathetic now.

When the White Sox won in 2005, many, many Cubs fans were calling any Sox fan they saw a bandwagon fan.

I was born in 1993. I tell them to go into my room and look at my posters. I have a poster from 2000, a plaque from 2000, a Ray Durham poster, a David Wells poster, and a Frank Thomas plaque (who did not play much in 2005).

Even though I’m a Red Sox fan, surprisingly enough I’ve never been called a bandwagoner. However, for basketball I’m a Celtics fan and everyone calls me a bandwagoner. I’ve been a C’s fan since I was five

No I haven’t, thank goodness. I’ve been here long enough that if you come on here even just for a few weeks you’ll know I’m one of the biggest Texas fans you’ll see. It won’t surprise me when Texas finally goes all the way or make it to the second round and I’m called a bandwagoner though. People are extremely judgemental and it’s hard to change their mind when they have it set.

Utley thats the story of my Life i became a Yankee Fan in 2005 and because i am not from NY and From California i get the same things all the time why are you a Yankee Fan and not New York and i laugh at them to be honest and don’t take is seriously because whats the point of me getting mad at them i can and just make look like an @sshole , but i just prove them wrong and from that point move on.

Virtually every day. I love these people! 🙂

For those “fans” who has ever called ME a bandwagon fan I would say close to 85% of those people ARE bandwagon fans that no very little about there supposed own team! I always ask them who there team is, & name 1 bench player, & your worst middle reliver…if you cant name that at the very least….you are not a real fan of your team!

Edit: I was shocked to see your avartar, what was the bet? I miss the Phanatic man!

Even though the Yankees haven’t been good for the past few years, yes, I have definitely been called a bandwagon fan. I don’t know if that counts for your question but because of all the ridiculous Yankee bandwagoners, all of us real fans get called bandwagoners a lot. Considering the past seven years, you would think people who call themselves Yankee fans really are, indeed, Yankee fans.

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