Global Warming or jst time for a climate change?

Every few hundreds of thousands of years the world goes through a dramatic climate change. The poles change, as do the tropics, so are we starting the new change, or is it realy global warming that is causing the bad weather?
In the 80’s when Mount St Helens blew, the force of the explosion caused the world to…

Global Warming is a Fact. The Earth had begun to enter a phase of cooling prior to the rise of CO2 emission in the mid 1900’s. World temperatures were on the decline.

As to another post about recording temperature for only the last 150 years, this is a farce. The temperature of the earth can be derived from many different sources dating back several hundred thousand years. The “Al Gore” reference is also incorrect. Al Gore did not do any of the research he presents in his move “An Inconvenient truth”. He merely states the information that scientists have been publishing for well over 30 years. The amazing fact is that all research on global warming from “scientific” sources (not the popular media or political institutions) all agree 100% that the issue is real. However, popular media and politicians (for both parties) are the ones that shed doubt on the concept.

While the current effect of global warming is not known, it is believed to intensify natural events (ie hurricanes, flooding, droughts) which may have had less effect in the past. The change in climate associated with Global Warming is not a new phenomena, but has slowly been picking up steam as the CO2 levels in the atmosphere steadily increase. This increase in CO2 in the atmosphere does not allow the heat from the sun to radiate back into space. The CO2 acts as a blanket in the atmosphere and traps heat. This creates positive feedback loops that continually make the situation worse. Scientists are unable to predict when we will reach a tipping point in the situation that could cause major shits in global climates. The scale and ferocity of this shift is unknown.

You are so wrong about Mt St helens. Where on Earth did you get that information about the world stopping?

Mount St Helens was not a particularly big eruption. Pinatubo in 1991 was bigger, and ones like Karakatoa and Tambora in the 19th century were tens to hundreds of time the force of Mt St Helens.

The cat. 9 earthquake that triggered the devastating tsunami in the Indian Ocean imparted perhaps a thousand times the energy of Mt St Helens.

The Earth’s mass is 6 billion trillion tons (6 x 10^21 tons). There is no force short of a collision with a planetary sized body that could move its axis, let alone stop it.

Please read stuff and do not take information from garbage sources on the internet.

I just read your reply about the Earth stopping for a nanosecond. Even that is false. If you throw a pea at a moving car, yes, theoretically it will slow the car a minute amount, but the car will not stop for any length of time.

The volcano could be likened to a retro rocket – when you fire the retros, the space craft or plane does not stop, it just changes its velocity.

Yes, the eruption of a volcano will have a miniscule and unmeasurable effect on the Earth’s rotation, but it will not stop the Earth, even for a nanosecond.

Also, again, if the Earth was shifted off its axis enough to alter the climate, it would be immediately noticable. The sun and stars would rise to different points in the sky, and even the most casual amateur astronomy buff would notice immediately.

Why don’t you people think for yourself before you take on board this garbage. It’s not difficult.

Even if the Earth is just going through a phase of climate change, you can’t deny that the greenhouse gases are ENHANCING the effect, and increasing its influence.

And I’ve never really considered a volcano eruption to be strong enough to shift the Earth’s rotation, but that’s an interesting theory.

From what i have read about the environment, this is global warming, it is too drastic and large on scale to be a climate change. and the CO2 levels are really high. I once read that even if we stop now the global warming isn’t going to stop for many years later, So we need to stop it as possible, now.

there is no global warming, a rapid increase in co2 would cause the opposite effect – cooling. since we have begun recording temp data – about 150 years ago – the average temp has increased 1.3 degrees c. anyone claiming to have earlier data is full of poop. computer models going back many millenia have an error greater than known climate changes – plus minus 7 %. our climate is BELIEVED to be cyclical. no one really knows for sure – not even al gore.

most research shows that global warming is a real thing, i’ll be shocked if its proven false. But in any case it does no harm but good to conserve energy and stop polluting the planet. Oil does the world no favours, except the very wealthy in charge of it all. I think europe should definetly lead the way with this so our technology can be leased to the U.S and china when they want it.

I’d be interesting to see the proof on the Mount St Helens issue.

Re; global warming; consider out usage of energy, our conspiquous consumtion, etc. and how can we NOT be having an affect on the environment.

Global warming is in fact happening and critics will not argue this point. The argument comes from the cause, which some believe is from humans, specifically the burning of fossil fuels and releasing large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. I will not try to convince you either way. Unfortunately most people form their opinions, not from the facts, but from their political party affiliation. People are such sheep.

How can an eruption alter the earth’s orbit? Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

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