Have you ever crashed someone elses car?

Or accidently damaged something you borrowed off someone else?

I crashed a few cars when I was younger and none of them were mine… I also forgot to ask if I could borrow them…

My mother’s car both times.
When I was about 10 and I drove the car up from the back field on the farm and Dad said make a sharp right turn.
I guess he didn’t mean that close to the truck.
Scraped the handle of the truck all down the side of her car.
No one believed I did it.
About 10 years ago, backing into a pole. No evidence so I didn’t tell her!

a pair of scholars in my type at intense college have been racing on residential streets, blew a end sign and killed the elderly couple who had the best-of way. the toddler driving force and his passengers walked away with minor injuries–and did no longer even shield the lives that they had taken. My community mourned the shortcoming of the elderly couple for a 365 days. They left in the back of person little ones and youthful grandchildren. i replace into in a unique to accident while somebody tried to tug-race the Ferrari i replace into using in on a hectic inner city 2-lane highway. bypass site visitors attempting to tutor into the McDonald’s on our facet of the strip rattling close to crashed into us–and we became down the race! If the Ferrari’s driving force had taken the bait, we would have positively been killed. …by utilising the way, weren’t you the poster advocating the legalization of highway racing? Why are you against rushing on city streets and highways now? somewhat look at the two questions you have written and re-think of the place you stand!

Not a car but something that belonged to someone else, totally stupid of me.

yes I borrowed my then boyfriends car and got t-boned. Man was he pissed because it wasn’t paid off yet!!!

Actually, today I was driving my dad’s truck & as I was backing in – I sorta kinda lightly tapped someones bumper..

Hi no my brother crashed mine

I wrecked my stepmothers car when I was younger. Other than that not that I can recall.

I smashed up my ex-roommates Honda CBR. It was his fault for not telling me that the brakes were messed up 😉

When I was a teenager i was mad at my girlfriend & got drunk & wrecked m dad’s pickup! I never drank & drove again!!!

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