How much does a yorkie or yorkie poo cost?

I want a yorkie or a yorkie poo wat do they cost

A yorkie is a pure bred dog, and a yokie-poo is a mutt/designer dog, not worth anything more than any other mixed breed, even though i know people are charging a fortune for them… i have no idea why?

You can do a yahoo search for breeders in your city or state, or else look in the paper.

Yorki Poo? Since this simply a name given to a mutt…you should be able to get one at a local shelter very reasonably.
A reputable Yorkie breeder will be considerably more but may have an older dog to place.

well, a yorkie (if bred properly) can be expensive. If you are going to BUY one, you might as well get one that was bred for show quality, otherwise, go to a shelter and adopt one. Should cost between $70 -$150.

A yorkie-poo is just an overpriced mutt. If you are going to BUY one of those than get it from a shelter, no reputable breeder will breed those and you will just be paying to support their poor breeding practices.

There is nothing wrong with a yorkie/poodle mix dog, accidents happen, but there is something wrong with purposely breeding them for the sole purpose of making money. So, if you want one of those, than get it from a shelter or pound.

If you are getting a yorkie from a reputable breeder, make sure the breeder does health testing and the parents have their CH titles.

One is purebred (Yorkie); the other is a designer dog mutt – NOT a purebred.

Well bred Yorkies from reputable breeders will cost you about $1,000.

Otherwise you will pay far too much to a backyard breeder or puppy mill if you buy a “cheap” Yorkie or a mutt.

Try going to your local shelter and adopting a Yorkie mixed breed for a lot less money and one that has been spayed/neutered.

A well bred Yorkie from a good breeder will probably cost in the neighborhood of $800 – $1000. As stated, the poo will be free with the dog

my yorkie poo cost around $600.00. She is CKC registered and her mother and father is AKA registered . She being a mix breed the vet said that she’ll more likely have less health problems then a full blooded yorkie. No a yorkie poo is not a mutt if she is breed the right way.

Well bred Yorkie – 1000 and up for pet or show quality
BYB/Puppymill Yorkie – Too damn much
Yorkie from a shelter rescue -75-300 depending on the shelter or rescue
Yorkie/Poodle mix from the local shelter – 75-300 depending on the shelter or rescue
BYB/Puppymill Mutt – again too damn much.

The initial cost is the smallest amount you will spend on your dog compared to the lifetime cost not including emergencies.

This depends. My yorkie was 1,000 dollars, but if you look in the pennysaver or something like that its wayyyy cheaper. Honestly though I think you should adopt or go to a yorkie rescue center.

I have a yorkie poo! it all depends where you buy it.i got mine for $450! yours might probably have different behavior then mine, but mine chews anything that’s chewable if you try take it he will bite you .but he is CRAZY but when he is calm he (which is when he gets tired) he is very loving he will sit with you and fall asleep.I NEVER let mine outside (except to use the bathroom on a leash) he runs everywhere and wont let you catch him only way i can catch mine i can only catch him with food he LOVES human food. like i said this is how MINE acts not all yorkie poos act like this good luck with yours. 🙂

depends on the breeder and I don’t think sh*t from a yorkie is worth much

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