Is it okay for a man to be 22-23 years older than a woman or is it kind of gross?

Gross! what does a man (or woman for that matter) have in common with someone 22 years younger (or older)? they are at TOTALLY different places in their life.

The question was asked~I’m judging~its gross!!

I’m in a wonderful relationship with a much younger woman.
we are 26 years difference. I know that we fell in love after a long friendship . we talk about overtiring from music to politics. we are both educated and have jobs that put us in the middle class income. we compliment each other well in the relationship. I think the combination of youth and experience has been a real plus for us. we do everything together. dining dancing hiking camping fishing hunting and many more things to numerous to mention.
so to answer your question ……..
It is very OK love has no age limits. and most women have a need for security in their lives.
If your asking this question because your interested in a man much older than you then give it a try. whats the worst that could happen……
A few disconcerting looks from women in there fifty’s that when all is sugared off they wish they were in the same situation.

I don’t understand how relationships like that work, what exactly are they based on? What is the woman lacking that she’s seeking to fill with such an older man (security, father figure), and well, I think we can guess why an older man goes for the younger woman (but still, what kind of conversations do they have)?

I stick by that for a good balanced relationship, one major thing two should share is the same generation, at least!

If it is not to you, what do you care? It may be to some, other’s none. The only question is do they have anything in common. Do they share the same beliefs? Do they have common goals? Without these, they have nothing to build a foundation for a relationship in the first place. Never Put Someone A Priority That Treats You Like An Option!

If he is 40 and the girl is 18 not much in common but as you get older it seems a little more acceptable just make sure he has a lot of money

Not unusual, not gross. It depends on how they act. My guy is 14 years older and that man is my BEST friend!

My dad is 25 years older than my mom. It is their first marriage for both and they have been happily married for 23 years.

…also, neither one is rich.

only you can answer that if u were to feel comfortable than no its okay if u feel uncomfortable than u might think it was gross but only ur opinion can answer that.
know one elses opinion or response can tell u a right or wrong answer because,everyone feels different about age situations.

that is a debate. if the man is under 50…it is GROSS! Same 4 women. if she is under 50. I like the 50 rule….it is safe and usually compatable.

Yes that is very gross and he needs his – – – wope by me but some men do it. because all they are looking for a young girl on there side that can produce some kids for them and don’t have to give more to.

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