Is it possible to trace someone through their car license plate and is it legal?

Yes its legal and yes its possible

contact DVLA

there is a direct link from the site named here

Is It Possible To Trace Someone Through Their Car License Plate Number? —…

Sounds normal for a limo driver. Name the police, make a report, they may be able to track the character down and notify the enterprise. I don’t suppose common residents have access to that expertise (monitoring license plates to folks) however the police will deal with it. I imagine in all possibility they’ll simply ignore it though. Their was once no accident, no damage no foul.

In the UK you would have to be approved by DVLA and show a just cause for needing the information e.g. a car insurance company wanting to trace an owner of a car that had an accident and failed to stop.

In any other case the answer is no, DVLA would be breaching the data Protection Act by supplying it without good reason.

Yes, if you a law officer or possibly a government official.

Have you called the State Department of Motor Vehicles to see? Believe me, they would know for sure. Good Luck !!

It Britain today…if you can come up with the can find out anything you want about anyone.

All these companies will find out anything for you….’for a small fee.’…to cover ‘administration costs’

If you’re in the UK and can show ” a reasonable need and interest” the DVLA at Swansea will give you the info. For example, are you a carpark operator? I don’t know if there’s a fee.


Don’t know I’m not in the USA, in England they are called Number Plates and we fix a tax disc to the windscreen.

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