Is it time for Democrats to cut Republicans loose from Health Care debate and pass a Democratic Bill alone?

Since the Republicans could hardly be considered serious about Health Care when they are running around making up out right lies about Death Squads and other ridiculous falsehoods, is it time to cut the Republicans loose. There is no actual debate taking place just Republicans doing or saying anything to stop this…

Yes. Although Obama has stated he wanted to work with both sides of the aisle, it’s time to tell them where to go and move on with or without them.

Call them out for the obstructionist that they are, and get this effin bill passed.

The Democratic party is not nearly homogeneous as the Republican party. This makes their “filibuster-proof majority” not so filibuster-proof. There are several Blue Dog Democrats in the Senate that remain far more socially conservative than the rest of their party. Issues like abortion pertain to the health-care debate and can derail any hopes of pushing through significant legislation. Since the Democratic Party is a diverse organization, it possesses a wider array of demands, often contradictory, that need to be fulfilled to please all Representatives, Senators, and their respective constituents. I think many Americans do want reform in health-care, but this legislation has been compromised to such an extent that it is difficult for advocates of either end of the spectrum to be enthused about. It’s going to upset people who want limited government, and it’s going to upset people that want a system that resembles that of England, France, Canada, etc. I worry that reforming health-care to require citizens to purchase plans while not providing a at least a government option is just asking for a cartel or at least puts the insurance and the pharmaceutical industries in an inappropriately advantageous position. The Democratic majority in Congress didn’t take effect until 2007, following the 2006 mid-term elections. It wasn’t just Democrats that blocked Bush’s agenda at the time. Many Republicans, worried about maintaining their seat in Congress, were distancing themselves from President Bush because his approval ratings were in the basement, going as far as to turn down his appearance at campaign rallies.

The Democrats don’t need Republicans to pass the Health Care Bill. It could’ve already been passed if it were a bill worth passing. So why blame Republicans when the Democrats can’t agree among themselves? Wow, I’m continually amazed at the amount of ignorance on this site!

I suspect that is going to happen anyway and Pelosi will start twisting the arms of the blue dogs to make it happen.

It is a lot easier to win re-election in a difficult district when your war chest is full of money from the DNCC.

it never has been the reps, it is the dem blue dogs. pass it, it will be your baby. when taxes go up, you can not include the reps in your blame game.and i agree, what is the point of town halls when your dem reps cannot answer the most simple of questions. they did not read the bill to know the answers. wonder what emanuel and axelrod meant by “hit them back twice as hard”? did he mean get organized and be louder then the town hall participants? only a fool would think there is no one at these things but reps.

They can pass it anytime they want,Comrade 0bama has complete control of both houses of Congress.They only want the Republican Support so they can say it was “Bi-Partisan” to cover their backsides if it’s another dismal failure of the Federal Government(As most things they do are)

So do it,and take full credit(Or Blame) for the outcome.Why are the Dems too chicken-**** to do that?

Heil 0bama!!

Sure… they can kiss their “seats” good-bye in 2010 with that level of arrogance. Obama will be a ‘one hit wonder’ and we’ll be saddled with a govt. health care scheme that there would likely be no coming back from (…”ya’ll can’t get rid of all dem govt. jobs… it’s un-American!”).

hey! I am republican and we don’t want u democrats to walk over us so we are nt doing risky things like have town halls.
You democrats need to get off ur lazy butts and work!
As far as the lies go you have to blame Obama for those. I mean one mean it he is for the poor and the next second is agaist the poor.

Great idea, but the Republicans who put a D after their name wouldn’t go for it.

Dems have a majority to do it. Please, pass that bill, then spend the next 100 years wondering why you are lucky to see a Democrat as dog catcher.

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