Is minimizing a full screen game such as World of warcraft or Toontown, bad for your computer or the game??

I’ve heard its bad for your computer or graphics card.

no, i play world of warcraft all the time, and whenever i listen to music, i always minimize it to start it over and im pretty sure it wont hurt it, cuz nothing has happened to me and i’ve had it for about 8 months now.
by the way, since you play world of warcraft, what level is your highest one? I am a human paladin level 40 and i just got my mount. :}

Well, I’ve played toontown SOOOO many times, I am a fan of the game (or an addict :P) and i have minimized it before. It didn’t do much though, all that happened was that it kinda was lagging and it kinda took a while to start the game back up from minimizing it.

It is not necessarily bad, However, if you insuffiecient ram, memory speed, or cpu speed, it could crash your computer

I have a Intel Core Quad with wach cpu running at 3.0 ghz and 2 gigs of ram. I hav eno problems at all…however this build is probably not as common lol…

As long as you have a gig of ram and 3.0 and above cpu…it doesnt matter,

It’s not necessarily bad, but it does use more memory than it regularly should. The worst it can do is lag your game a little.

Nope, at worst it could cause is a little memory shuffle.

no i dont think so

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