My 17 month old refuses to eat!!?

I have a 17 month old son and he refuses to eat, he only weighs 23 pounds, this started a little less than a month ago. He drinks fine but when I try to give him food he screams, whines, or simply throws the food. He will not let me feed him, if he does eat he has to do it himself. He will eat if I give him like…

Mine too. Try Ellyn Satter`s `How to feed your child (but not too much“ if you google it her website has lots of information.

Basically you are in charge of what is offered and when. Child is charge of how much they eat. You can`t force a child to eat and the child won`t starve. If your child is losing weight I`d check on giving pediasure type supplement but otherwise, slight children are normal. My daughter was PICKy starting at 2 and my son was picky starting at 9 month!! He`s 19 months now and still not very much luck so he still breastfeeds a lot. (I lived on milk for much of my preschool years, so i`m not overly suprised).

My sympathy for you in this difficult situation. I can only share my experience with you and hope it can help. My son is 18 months and weighs 18 pounds. He is very little …off the charts little. Gaining a pound is so difficult. He is a picky eater. He is sensitive to texture and temperature. One day he likes hotdogs the other day he will ot even smell it. He was 16 pounds over a month ago. The following helped me 1. no breastfeeding. It was so hard. Cry with your baby explain no more breast feeding because baby needs to get strong. Then try pediasure, milk, cheese and limit water even If they cry and beg.
Try to feed 1000 calories a day or more 5 meals a day every two hours. Feed every two hours if she does not want to eat remove the food within 30 minutes and try again in two hours. It is hard and I am still struggling. Do not chase baby with food. My heart goes out to you because you want your baby to get everything she needs. This advice is coming from someone who breast fed all the way until the doctor told me not too i had a doula. It was so hard to listen to the doc because I believe in holistic medicine but I did and my son is slowly is gaining weight.
Best wishes to you and your baby.

It could be a couple of things, pickiness, laziness or texture issues. Definitely ask the doctor at the appointment. In the mean time you should be giving him some pediasure. It is an excellent source for vitamin and nutrients that he is missing out on. They come in Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla. You can find it at your local drugstore 🙂

I could feed her what she’s going to devour. I have four kids that every one went by way of it and at one factor i swear i used to be getting unwell of watching on the macaroni and cheese field reason thats all they could devour, however so long as shes consuming breakfast and lunch and also you compensate healthful stuff there it will have to be good enough. children whilst they grow older begin to understand limitations and you’ll be able to set them and stick with them once they recognize them larger, you probally dont wish her to move the complete night time with an empty stomache considering the fact that then she wont sleep well. however its continually satisfactory to deliver her what you are making first in little servings so she will check out them and that i could even attempt to make her take no less than a chunk of each and every so she is aware of what they style like for after she will get over this choosy degree. after a even as she’s going to recover from the equal factor and wish to check out new stuff

He may have food sensitivities.Problems with texture,or color of the food.

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