My best friend is gay?

My best friend told me he is gay im not gay I have a girlfriend whom I love i don’t think there I any thing wrong with him being who he is and he likes me as a friend but if he dose get to where he likes me should I not be friends with him I don’t want to not be friend with him I need help!!!

O Jeez. How old are you ? 8 ? He is your friend and felt he could trust you so he came out to you. That doesn’t mean he is after you. Your life will be much richer having all different kinds of friends.
If he hadn’t;t told you you would not feel strange about this. You can never have too many friends. Just do what you’ve been doing before you found out this info. Be happy that he trusts you enough to tell you. I’m sure many of his friends don’t know. Don’t be a motor mouth and blab this all over the place. It’s just between you and him. he really values you as a friend. Don;t let him down. Just take it as the compliment it is and don’t worry that he is ‘after’ you.

Since u all are friends just talk to him the same way just explaining to him how u feel about the situation. Just let him know you cool with his decision of being gay but let him know that you have no interest in seeing or know about what he does with his partner and just be open and talk to him.

Don’t panic. . . . he maybe gay but tell him straight out to not be super gay around you cause you feel uneasy.Just act like normal friends, if you don’t feel good about being friends tell him and walk away.

That is the same thing with me what I did was just not bring it up at all and avoid all the sentimental stuff but never ditch him as a friend and trust me he can help you with the ladies a lot

Calm down lol, gays are just like you, NORMAL. They just date different sex, but they dont date straight people, they date other gay people, dont worry about it, and if he ever really did get to that point just say your not into him, no need to ruin a good friendship.

Why does it have to get to where he likes you? Are you planning on doing some serious flirting with him or sending him mixed signals? You have a girlfriend I’m sure gets it.

would you not be friends with a girl if she likes you? He’s perfectly normal and if he does start to like you just say sorry im straight.

If he ends up liking you, tell him how you feel. Just say (nicely) that you like him as a friend.

Tgats good that you still wanna be his friend :)… But if it ever comes to that ge likes you just tell him your not interested in men, he Will umderstand cause u guys are bffs, no big deal.

Please look at my questions:)

Just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he’s automatically attracted to every guy…duh.

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