My parents are calling me ugly?

Today, when we were having breakfast, my dad asked me what i wanted me when i grow up, I said i wanted me an actress and i smiled, then my dad said “Your so ugly. The older you get the uglier you are” then my mom came in and agree.She said” I know right. You two look the same (I look like my dad) but…

Hey, your parents were wrong to call you ugly, even if “looks do not matter” which they shouldn’t. Being your parents they seem to lack some compassion toward your feelings or self esteem but I’m sure they love you. Try to be positive and be happy we live another day, the world will try and bring you down, but Jesus made you just the way you are. Without dreams there’s not much hope so keep your head up and good luck if you choose to purse acting.

My mum hadthis equal hassle along with her mum and it was once all all the way down to jealously. Your 14 and young take that complmentary btw as they are getting older they’re jst jealous my mum used to get known as an historical cow with the aid of her mum. Dont let it get you down. Just think to your self after they say that. Im young and wonderful i’ve my existence a head of me and theirs is center aged and no longer quite going to be enjoyable cos there married and no longer that it isn’t enjoyable but the 20’s are ment to be the first-class years of you life should you 14 im guessing that has long gone for them their 20’s. You are wonderful in your possess manner each person is and dont let is gtyou down as it is unfair. Some mum and dad are particularly horribel/ jealous you may have s so much forward of you, revel in it an dnt feel upset. Bear in mind no-one has the correct to make you suppose that way. But you’ve gotten proper to enjoy lifestyles be blissful with the way in which you appear and dress just right good fortune and let ou self assurance develop! Let it go through one ear and out the other. You could constantly say if im ugly so are you as i have your DNA as a way to shut them up!

They are most likely being sarcastic and just joking around with you. But if they aren’t, tell your parents there are a lot of ugly actresses and google ugly actress to show them who they are.

You’re parents made you so there ugly too no worries not everyone can be beautiful there’s ugly actresses don’t let that hold you back

They were prolly kidding but thats really mean if you feel this happens a lot you need to discuss this with them and share how you feel.

Hey bro your parent trolled you

He was joking. Get over it, patsy.

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