NBA: Better player D-Wade or LBJ?

I like LBJ and think he is one of the best players today, but what can he do that Wade can’t? Whose better?

and 2k11 both have Wade and James rated 97 the highest in the game, do you agree?

lbj is slightly better in every part of the game except scoring and clutch scoring. yes i agree with both being rated 97

Honestly I think LBJ is the better basketball player. He has more tools and more in his arsenal. However I would rather have Wade on my team. Wade has proven that he can win and ultimately that’s what this game is all about. LBJ is the better all around player but Wade is the better guy to have on your team.

Wade is not as good of a passer as LeBron, plus wade scores lot more and attacks the rim lot more than LeBron, but LeBron is a monster when it comes to stats!!!!
So LeBron is better statistically than Wade, but we all know wade has a ring and LeBron doesn’t!

Better player: LeBron
Better Teammate: D-Wade

Lebron can pass the ball better and has a better three point shooting percentage. But Dwyane wade is the best finisher in the paint, and like lebron, is one of the best scorers in the NBA right now. I would say they’re pretty much equal, although you can’t really compare them because of their height difference and their different positions.

first of all how dare you place Wade and Mike Jordan interior the comparable sentence? he blew the psskills contest, he neglected the lay up two times, who does that? lmao do you spot Wade’s group? i do no longer Jordan ever enable the bulls pass down the drain like that when he grew to become into there… 2d of all, maximum folk study Kobe to Mike Jordan till now they think of roughly Lebron 0.33 of all, Melo is a sturdy participant yet he’s a thug, i do no longer think Jordan ever choked somebody in a game till now it’s going to be like Kobe+Dwight Howard+Nash or Iverson= Mike Jordan

LeBron in the 1st and 3rd

Wade in the 2nd and 4th

LeBron chokes a little more, but he is still arguably the better player

LeBron is better, but not by far.

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