OMG…….PlEASE HELP, FRIEND IN REAL DANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!! please answer?

Help……I’ve got a friend who’s been treated real bad by the people she hangs around with. She’s been beaten, raped burned and her ex has threatened to kill her. i need to help her but she lives in finland and I live in the uk. How do I tell the finnish police. PLease help. I really fear for her…

pick her city
call the number

To Alex, no, she’s not joking.
She’s certainly not sick and twisted either, I know this.
Do you want me to PROVE this girl’s in danger?
The girl in trouble is like a sister to me, and her ex has been sending me threatening messages, he’s threatened to kill her/rape her if I don’t talk, and I think he has stalked her to the place she is staying.
I have chat logs, notes I wrote down, messages I have kept to see if I can do anything, and, her current boyfriend has been threatened too.
We only thought it was her bcause it looks like my friend, we have never seen the movie, and also, we were scared when we seen the pic, and because of this, we believed her ex when he said it was her.
We’re sorry we got the pics mixed up, but, this is something her ex would do, and as I’ve said, I have proof.
So, I’d rather you didn’t call my friend of 3 years sick and twisted. At least we are trying to help her, before she gets hurt worse than what she has been.
And believe me, talking to her, it can’t get much worse than having to listen to someone who has been through this…..think if it was your best friend.
Again, sorry the pic was wrong, but, the comments on his profile should also be proof enough that he’s the sick and twisted one.
I’ll translate two roughly for you.
“Please stop? I have only just begun, come outside so I can take a look at you.”
I think the next one (Although hard to translate,) says “Was that a threat? It better not have been….you cannot go far from me, you are weak. Typical girls.”
This is the most recent message he sent to me.
“I will not be here tomorrow…I am gonna stalk hher to that camp she is going…and after that camp you will not see her again…just some pictures of me raping, hitting and then killing her…”
By the way, she’s 14, and he’s 16.
……say that my friends the sick and twisted one now.

I would congratulate her if I were you. The fact that she is starring in a film that Stephen King billed as the first shocking film he has seen in 20 years, is pretty good. The picture you are referring to is from The Girl Next Door, nice try.
Edit: Well then I guess you are sick and twisted.

i’m hoping your no longer pondering the acquisition of a actual chimp? submit to in suggestions, a chimp has the capability of diesel powered farm equiptment and might desire to throw a toddler over a house comfortably! something that’s advisable to contemplate is the the motto of the chimps in captivity activist group Monkey No In abode: “A chimp isn’t basically for christmas, it may additionally brutally mame your toddler!”

do what jillans said and if i were you i would speak to your parents to see if they could do anything i hope this all works out and i hope your friend is safe

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