Pennsylvania Voter ID Law Ruling: Judge Halts Enforcement Of Law For Election. Your thoughts? Why?

I agree with it. I am not against voter ID, just why it is being pushed so fast.

Can a Republican refresh my memory and recite the number of persons charged with voter fraud in Pennsylvania over the last decade and their political affiliation? Honestly, I think the four or five Republicans who illegally jammed phone lines in New Hampshire to help John Sunnunu defeat Jeanne Shaheen for a Senate seat in 2002 are the only guys I can recall until this most recent Republican voter registration scandal orchestrated by the RNC.

The means by which Pennsylvania residents identify themselves for voter registration and for voting are more than adequate to insure the integrity of the electoral process. Requiring more than that is just the GOP’s of suppressing the votes of citizens who are much more likely to vote Democratic than Republican, and that’s exactly what the judge in Pennsylvania recognized today.

Having to prove who you are to vote—– Think the Easter bunny and I are headed for Pennsylvania (Already will have voted in Michigan, so will have to think up an ID before I got there), ‘ Course if I looked younger I’d have to have my ID to buy a beer or some smokes (underprivileged don’t drink or smoke huh ?)

That it was the correct decision at this time. This being pushed too quickly before the November election. There is very little in person voter fraud, so this is just to suppress the vote for certain groups of Americans.

I am not personally against showing a photo ID, but some people don’t have one and requiring the purchase of one to vote, is a poll tax. My mother didn’t have one after she stopped driving and it would not have been hard for her to get an ID card, but I think it is for some people..

Independent who has a photo ID and willing to show it. Illegals and the dead to not vote no matter who many times FOX news say that they do.

He did the right thing. The process was not well thought out when the law was passed and by the time the state seemed to get it all figured out, they could not guarantee that the 700,000 or so people who needed the ID could get it by election day.

Good. No one purges the rolls this close to an election without a hidden agenda. The voters they are asking to be purged are overwhelmingly minorities, students, or poor. Gosh, I wonder which candidate those demographics favor.

I think it’s ridiculous. Democrats like to act like poor people or minorities are too stupid to figure out how to get an ID card. They just don’t think they’re too dumb to get an ID for anything else like banking, driving, getting welfare, etc..

It’s political, period. The democrats want their votes and will do anything to get them

SOTUS has upheld every voter ID law, LOL!…

I’m divided. I don’t understand why it’s so difficult to get an ID…However, I recognize that it’s being used as a political tool, a modern day poll tax, so to say.

Edit: I apologize for criticizing Sophie. That wasn’t nice, and it had nothing to do with your question.

My thought is I have to show ID to vote here in Colorado and no one complains about it.

Wonder why it’s such a big deal for Democrats… oh yeah, because THEY CHEAT!

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