Question for those who believe in god but believe jesus is not the son of god.?

It doesn’t make sense to me. why wudn’t you believe jesus is the son of god but believe he existed. the bible says he was born as from a VIRGIN name mary. if she was a virgin, that means she gave birth to a child without a father. so therefore, why dont you believe the fact that he was the son of god….

Jesus IS the son of God because God told Mary she is going to have a son and she must name him Jesus.Who cares if Mary didn’t do it! He could’v told a 13 year old she’s going to have a baby! And she’ll still have him. That is why Jesus IS the son of God.

I’m Deist, and I believe in God, but believe Jesus was not the son of God. It’s actually quite easy: I reject the Bible. I believe Jesus to be a moral teacher or philosopher, but merely because the Bible says Mary was a virgin does not make it so. I do not believe she was a virgin at Jesus’ birth and Joseph was likely the father of Jesus. I suppose it is possible that Mary CLAIMED she was a virgin and was actually pregnant via someone other than Joseph, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and chalk it up to Gospel writers trying to make Jesus look like the Messiah of Old Testament prophecy.

take this from me.
1 If Jesus is the Son of God because he has no father or was born through a virgin, then what will you say of Adam, the first man on earth who has neither father nor mother? probably Jesus’ senior brother?
2 Why would God need a son? he has angels.
3 If jesus is the son of God, then Mary is God’s wife.
4. For those that believe Jesus is God himself, it means Mary is Gods mother not wife again.

I just dont know why people dont think about this issues.

I dont think he his the son of God but I still believe he was God’s prophet. And no I dont believe he was Joseph’s or any others son either. The whole event that Jesus was born from the VIRGIN Mary, is a miracle. I see a huge distinction between God and humans and I dont understand how Christians believe God could be the father.

well it is not that i believe he is not the son of God it is that most people who believe he existed and say he is not probally refer to him as they believe he is God. that is who i believe Jesus is. i believe he was God manifested in the flesh. john 1:1-14, in the begining was the word and the word was God and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us. also old test. in is. talks about there is no other god before me and there will be no other god after me and that God himself does not know of any other god. except false gods. i believe the father son and holy ghost are all one and the name given is Jesus Christ and that Jesus Christ is God.
and Mary was not told by God that she was going to have a child. she was told by an Angel. and the Bible has been passed down but it has been proven that the word is still as acurate as it was then. there is a 2 percent inacuracy and that was shown to be from commas and stuff like that. but the meaning was the same. for ex. if i told you to pick up and chair and put it over in that corner and i pointed to the corner you would know were to put it. at the same time if i said can you move that chair and put it over there and i pointed to the corner you would still put it in the same spot. i said it 2 different ways but they both mean the same thing. the Bible is not that far off though that is just an ex. God is powerfull enough to make the earth but he cant keep his word the same? even though he says his word will never change. if you knew what they went thru to translate you would understand.

It’s quite easy. You can believe that Jesus existed because there is extra-biblical evidence showing he was a real person.

Those who do not believe that Jesus is the son of God do not believe the Bible to be inerrant. If one does not believe the Bible, the arguments surrounding the nature of his birth, and the claims to his godhood are not supported.

Your question shows that you believe the Bible to be absolutely true. If you can imagine a person that doesn’t believe it is, you can begin to understand how someone might not believe Jesus to be the literal son of god.

Jesus was the son of Mary and Joseph, Virgin means that she did not have a child with any other man. The son of God is the statement that he was chosen to be born of a Virgin woman and

I don’t believe that the bible is accurate so therefore I don’t believe what it says. Do you really think Mary got pregnant without having sex? Would you believe anyone today if they told you they got pregnant without sex? I bet you wouldn’t, so why do you believe stories about events that took place 2000 years ago? The Muslims don’t believe Jesus was the son of god, why don’t you believe their holy book? You pick and choose what you want to believe according to how you were raised and/or what best suits you. Why should I believe the bible over any other holy book?

Are you, yourself, questioning that Jesus was the son of G-d? It sounds as if you are.

You are listening to church dogma——what the church wants you to believe. The word virgin is a mistranslation from the Hebrew text.

The Greek translation that we have is not the one done by the rabbis. Naarah is found in many places in Torah, always means a young woman (perhaps virgin perhaps not). Betulah is found in many places in Torah, always means a virgin.

Naarah was just translated wrong when the church had it translated. They said it meant virgin. As shown above, it does not always mean that.

There is no G-d but G-d, and Jesus was not G-d, and not his son. He was a teacher-a man. This concept was made up at the Nicene Council three hundred years after Jesus died, when the church make all their changes in Christianity.

As to who was the father of Jesus–the main thought is that Mary was raped by someone—possibly a Roman soldier, as this was something that often happened to Jewish girls, upon their betrothal. That is why centuries later the betrothal ceremony and the wedding ceremony were conducted at the same time. Before, it had been a year between them.

Because it could have been written that Jesus was born unto an Anteater; that doesn’t make it true. One has to have faith in the ABSOLUTE validity of the Bible to believe in the Christian mythos.

There was a Rabbi named Jesus born to a woman named Mary (this is documented in places other than the Bible), but that doesn’t mean he was the son of God any more or less than any other highly spiritual leader. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jesus was a great man and leader for his people, but he was venerated after his death by men who wanted to raise their position by boosting his.

According to your own Bible, the son of God was supposed to be someone who is descended from David. Christ was not.

Why do you believe that Jesus was born of a Virgin, walked on water, turned water into wine, etc….but not the Islam belief that you will have 70 virgins when you die? Isn’t that story just as insane as your Jesus?

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