Questions about going to see a gynecologist?

Well i read other questions about the check up or the exam and i sorta of understand…not really if someone could tell me what happens, but really what i want to know is that Im a young girl 14 and i bet that you’re probably thinking that i dont need to go see a gynecologist (apparently from someone’s…

14 is not too young to see an OB/GYN. As soon as you start having a period it’s important to see 1 bcuz of the way you’re body is changing.It is no different than if I went and I’m 35, the only thing different is that I’ve has 3 kids so I look different inside. YOu need to learn how to do a brest exam on yourself every month and you need to find out if you are growing as you should. It is normal to be curious about that area and I think U R very mature for asking in such a non-offensive way if there is a way for you to get my email address plz do, you can ask me ?s. I am a medical assistant and enjoy showing people new things. Don’t be embarrassed that you asked you are completely right in doing so. By the way I don’t know you but I’m proud that you can speak up and say that you haven’t had sex, keep up the positive attitude!! LOL oh yeah, I would reccomend NOT using a Planned Parenthood, they do abortions and it may be something you don’t want to face right now. Granted you don’t see them being done but I think it’s still not right. Also, if you don’t want to tell Mom you can see an OB/GYN at your local health dept and by law they cannot disclose ANY info about you. It sounds like u might have a yeast infection, it’s not dirty or nasty it just is an inbalance in your female hormones and most every girl will have at least one in early teenage hood. It is easily treated and NOTHING to be ashamed of.

You can start early. I did. It’s just that as you get older and more active (sexually) you should see your OB/GYN more often. Trust me, it’s uncomfortable the first time. First a nurse will ask you a few questions about your concerns, before giving a gown to change into. You lay on a table and the doctor comes in a puts your feet in stirrups. The best thing to do at this point is relax as much as possible. They’ll probably do a vaginally examination using their fingers, then they use a tool that we all call the gator or alligator. It looks like a funky pair of scissors. First they lube your opening, slide this tool in and crank you open. It can be painful, especially with you being so young. Then they’ll take a more in depth look and probably do a pap smear, which is where they stick a Q-tip into your cervix and collect a sample of your fluids that will get tested. Then they remove the the tool and it’s over. There will be a doctor AND a nurse present. For a first timer you may want to see a female doctor. The nurse will probably also be very kind and hold your hand if you want. I hope this gives you a little more information. You can also e-mail me if you have anymore questions. Good luck, hon!

There is such a thing as a pediatric gynecologist. I’m not sure what your problem is, but if you talk to you Mom, maybe she can decide if you need to see an adult or pediatric gynecologist.

Basically, the doctor looks at the inside and outside of the vaginal area, takes swabs for cultures if necessary, can order blood test, x-ray, ultrasounds. A nurse is usually in the exam room with the doctor. Your Mom could be in the room with you if you would feel more comfortable.

If you haven’t had sex yet and you don’t plan on it for a while (which I recommend waiting a loong time, because if you just end up doing it with some high school crush, you’ll regret it) Anyway, if all you have is questions maybe you should call your local obgyn and ask them what you should do. They can tell you whether or not it is important enough to come in, or if you can just obtain the information from a sex ed class, like off of 40 yr old virgin

Seeing the gyne is a very normal and natual thing so you should not feel wrong about having questions about this. Typically, yes, you really dont NEED to see one at such a young age unless you are sexually active and if you are merely just having questions about your “female areas” you can always talk with your mom or any adult female that you trust or if that is not an option every county has a health clinic were you can go and talk with someone. Good Luck, feel free to contact me if you have more questions.

It is perfectly appropriate for a girl to see a gynecologist as soon as she starts having a period. You should not wait until you are 18. Only take the advice of health care professionals. The best place to get this advice is your mom and your doctor or pediatrician. It is not nearly as scary as you might think. Good luck! (From your update, you could have a yeast infection, particularly if your labia are red and inflamed.)

By all means, go see one if you feel you need to. And you should ask questions. There are many reasons why a very young woman would want to see a gynocologist, and there is no “minimum age”. I was 13 when I first went.

I’m thinking a woman’s counselor at planned parenthood or your health department may be you better bet. You likely do not actually need an exam, but someone to talk to.

NO!!! u are no longer think to shave down there, when I went the female instructed me that my pubic hair regarded incredibly primary and that it instructed i became into healthful… and whilst u shave it it is going to easily strengthen brack grosley, plus waxing is fairly painful and do u think of ur mom will enable u get ur pubic hair bumped off with the aid of WAXING!!!!??? and do u actual must be that humiliated, and what if its a guy?

You didn’t say what your symptoms are but you truely should be speaking to your parent about this, especially if you are experiencing a problem. Please get checked by a doctor… won’t hurt and you will feel very comfortable, I’m sure. 🙂

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