Sehwag may repace Dhoni as the ODI & T20 captain!!!!!!! Has anyone expected this?…

Rush hour decisions may spoil the unity within the team.
What does Gary Kirsten opine on this?
I really do not know how much share a captain has in selecting a team, or who should bat at the given circumstance? Does the coach have any involvement in this?

I would blame BCCI rather than Dhoni for the failure. They played against each other in IPL, Did they play as a unit/team at least against India team A or some other team ( presidents xi like ) before the T20 WC ? Only then they would have felt the unity and would have performed well. Just making major changes in the team would not result positive.

In the future a Specialist coach, captain and players might be picked for all three forms of the game.

For example:) Ponting test captain, Clarke ODI captain and White T20 captain.

Definitely not……………Dhoni should be remain as a Captain of all the 3 formats of Cricket ………….. He is a one of the great Captains of Indian history ……………. We all know the reason behind the failure of Indian Cricket Team in T20 World Cup –
1. Excess of Cricket
2. Continues failure of Batting Order
3. M. Vijay cannot be Sehwag
4. Loose fielding and drop catches
5. Balling is a all time headache

Yes Captain contribution is important but I believe Dholi had tried to give his best every time……… but sometimes it happens that things don’t work according to you…………..

I’m not a Dhoni fan but he hasn’t done that badly as captain overall. It;s just the BCCI trying to find a scapegoat.

It’s just sensationalization, TBH.

I doubt that Viru will be made the captain, considering he doesn’t really have a very proud track record in Limited Overs Cricket.

You are right. There is no need to press panic button so soon. Also Sehwag has expressed his relectuancy for Captainship. He even refused to captain Delhi Daredevils.

Ding dong the freak is gone…hoohoo!!!!!.Drop Yuvi as well,prove ya fitness in domestic games then come back to the squad.

Desi….. a possible scenario – A split within the team ( Delhi vs Punjab ) Hmm… ???? that concerns me

@ Thirucumaran – What records ???

yes you are right but the performance is if his performance going wrong then you say replace sehwag with Dhoni

Its MS Dhoni or Sehwag. India will paly wiht honor and baet erevyoen.

this atrocious. sehwag has proved himself to be a very bad captain in many instances

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