What car/bike do you drive/ride?

1988 GMC, short and wide. And if I hit the lotto, I will still have my truck. I love it. Have no idea how fast it will go.. It tried to “lift off” one time and I decided it was best to stay alive instead of knowing how fast it was.

Car: 1999 Acura Integra GSR
Truck: 1999 Ford F150 SVT
ATV: 2001 Yamaha Banshee

A 2006 Dodge Stratus

2006 Honda Accord

2008 Subaru Legacy

Yes, I’ve witnessed car accidents a few times.


My car is a 2003 Jaguar XKR Convertible, my bike is a 2004 Suzuki 1500LC cruiser. You?

1980 Corvette

Volvo S60, it’s lovely, before that I always had BMW’s, Mercs and Audis but I much prefer the Volvo.

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