What team will win the nba championship next season and why?

i would say phoenix suns.. everytime a team feels like it got “screwed”, they usually retaliate and improve over the next season.. dallas did so, although a shocking upset by goldenstate put an end to their championship dreams. phoenix also has a veteran in grant hill and lots of cap space due to their kurt thomas trade and if they can get a realible center who can play “D” they should win it all this year.

the heat. Dwade will be back healthy and ready from surgeries while shaq should keep his knee pads on so he wont get injured, and as a plus they drafted dequan cook, a reserve two guard for wade who will get loads of playing time to score off the bench and take pressure off dwades shoulders.while not settled at Pg, they are at Pf with haslem, a great rebounder who scores out of double teams and is a good defender. If the heat sign a good Pg from free agency, they will be in the finals, or maybe cook could be switched from SG to Pg and start considering he has decent passing and handle.

The Suns deserves to win a ring. Especially Steve Nash, one of the hardest working players in the NBA today.

Some say the Thunder, but since Vegas has them as the 4th or 5th best odds, I don’t consider them a darkhorse. I think that Portland has a good shot if they can stay healthy. I think Milwaukee is a darkhorse in the East.

Miami Heat Because of Shaq being a Leader and D-Wade being the Star Player that he and Shaq Both are.


if your talking about 08-09 seson its spurs.
if its 07-08 its suns or mavs

hehehe! probably spurs! since they have been stable like tony parker getting better and ginobili providing enough support as duncan can maintain his job

The Suns. They’re due.

Mavericks all the way

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