Where is a credible website to search for puppies to adopt?

Hello. I’m 15 years old and am looking for a website to look for a puppy to adopt. I am getting a job to help fund for a puppy. Please no replies about what all I need to buy and pay for, because I already know.

I know I need shots
I know I need to have to choose what college to go to, which I have already…

Either find a reputable breeder or go to your local shelters or breed rescues. Please do not support a backyard breeder or puppy mill.
Here’s how to find a reputable breeder:
Once you have decided on the breed you are looking for, visit the internet and find the NATIONAL BREED CLUB for your breed. Review all the information about the breed and find the web pages or phone contacts of breeders that are listed there. National breed clubs almost always have certain standards and ethics quides for any breeders which are listed on their pages.
Prepare a questionnaire of questions you want to ask the breeder. This is a good one:
What health guarantees do you have?
Can you give me a vet reference?
Can I visit your kennel and if so, when?
How long have you been breeding?
Do you enter your own dogs in AKC events?
Can you send me a sample copy of your contract?
Do you sell your litters to pet stores or brokers?
(there is NO responsible breeder that will sell to a broker or a pet store, since it is too difficult to follow through on who is getting your puppy!!)
The LAST question should be “how much do your puppies cost?” but it is of course an important question
Do make plans to visit the kennel and while there check the following things:
Are the dogs healthy and happy?
Does the kennel owner know each one by name?
Do the dogs have places to run outside their pens?
Are the pens clean and roomy?
(even if the home is a mess or in an uproar and not very neat, the kennels should be clean and all dogs should have food and fresh water available)
Is the whelping area in the house?
(puppies should be raised INSIDE a home for at least the first four weeks in order to get all the necessary social and physical attention needed in the first few weeks)
Do the sire and the dam act friendly and sociable?
(sometimes the STUD dog may not be available, the female may have been shipped elsewhere for breeding)


Look in the classifieds in your newspaper. If you can’t find the paper (because Dad took it to work or something,) google your newspaper. For example, if it was the New York Tribute, google New York Tribute Classifieds, then go to the pet section, then the dog section, etc.

If you’re interested in adopting from a shelter (which would be awesome!) Have your parents or an older sibling who can drive take you to one. Most towns have some type of animal control center, and if your city doesn’t, the next one over might. These places have kennels for cats and dogs, where you can go to adopt them. A lot of these shelters may even give you the dog for free, for rescuing it.

I found my dog by looking in my papers classifieds online. It also depends on what breed of dog you want. If you’re certain you want a certain breed (like a German Shepherd) Google German Shepherd puppies in your state ex. German Shepherd puppies in New York. This will help you find good breeders that you can trust.

It’s good that you’re educating yourself on your future puppy, it definitely helps when you get him home!

You specifically asked for some links, so I’ll give you a few:


One thing I do want to warn you about.. not all shelters or pet stores are a good idea for adopting pets. We have a pet store that is up in our mall area that has a horrible reputation, and for a good reason. Families will adopt puppies and a little while later they get VERY sick and their medical bills are sky high (a lot more than a minimum wage paying job would give you.) Make sure you research the place you are adopting your puppy/dog from. Make sure when you go there, that it is clean! If you see a lot of dog feces on the floor/in their kennels/or in their cages, the dogs might not be taken care of correctly, which will leave you with a sick dog, an empty pocket, and a broken heart.

If you need anything else, feel free to message me. Good luck! This is such a fun time!

PetFinder.com is a credible website for adopting an animal. You can enter your location and most local shelter and rescue groups in your area post available animals for adoption there. It’s a wonderful resource.

I use pet finder and recently adopted a dog and counldnt be happier that was showen on the website u can give the age u want size breed and all that stuff . Then it shows u pictures and u click on one it will show u the information and a local shelter where the pet is located to adopt it from

Try the Pet Finder on Animal Planet’s website. This is a great site to use and I know several pet owners that have found wonderful pets with the pet finder!

Here’s the Link: http://www.petfinder.com/index.html

You yourself can not purchase a dog from a shelter, rescue, or any place else as you are not of legal age to do so. This would be up to your parents and they would have to research this.

At 15 years old you cannot legally purchase a dog. Now if your parents are looking for a dog then tell them to look on http://petfinder.com or http://adoptapet.com

Try: petfinder.com or look in your local shelter, they often have litters of pups that have been dumped there, sadly.

I’d just look up your local county animal shelter – start there 🙂


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