Who’s bright idea was it for National Joke Donald Trump to moderate a GOP debate?

Remember a few months ago when the Republicans were excited about … right, Donald Trump? And then something happened, we never knew exactly what, and he was “no longer a viable candidate.”

His multi-million ill-gotten fortune couldn’t have been the problem, because Mitt’s still in. The serial adultery and…

Donald Trump is an embarrassment to the Human Race.

I DO remember that Trump was momentarily the DEMOCRATS’ favorite GOP choice.
As for moderating a debate, why does it scare you so that the GOP candidates might actually have a debate instead of being used by liberal extremists as an Obama campaign commercial?

Yeah, didn’t Jon Hunstman and Ron Paul decline attending that “debate?”
The only two sane people aren’t attending. It’s just going to be a real circus, now.


Who would you like it to be? You seem to be an expert.


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