Why do the Christians seem more respectful to others here, than atheists?

I havent been using this forum for very long but it seems to me that Christians have more class and are more respectful to other people.

Of course there are some bad eggs from both sides but most of them are from the atheist side. And I would say this is because they have no one to fear, not god or hell or any…

It’s good that you noticed it, but then they will always deny it, instead of admitting very respectful huh?

So you’re saying that just because we don’t discuss the bible we are of a lower class and don’t respect anyone. Saying this is being prejudice and very disrespectful in itself. Your right, there are bad eggs in both sides. At least i don’t purposefully target a group of people just because they have different beliefs than me. It’s okay to discuss each others beliefs but this does mean you can purposefully make us seem like lower class citizens. We are all equals and just because i don’t believe in god and don’t look to the bible for advice does not mean that i am impolite and i treat people with disrespect. Btw, what exactly does this have to do with ‘Religion and Spirituality’?

Because as you said, you haven’t been using this forum long.

Stick around. You’ll see plenty of disrespectful Christians. They really don’t ask many questions that are “proper, genuine” questions. I’m curious about the questions you see them asking that are “proper, genuine questions) because we must not be seeing the same questions you’re seeing. They attack atheists constantly, they come in the religion forum and attack science and evolution. (Questions that DON’T have to do with “Religion and Spirituality”, and should be asked in the science section, but they won’t do that because they have NO INTEREST in real answers) and they proselytize. They come here, and also go into the Gay and lesbian, section, and tell people they deserve to going to Hell. They even attack each other, and tell each other that they’re not “true Christians”, and that the other “false Christians” are going to Hell.
If you think you’re seeing Christians be classy and respectful, then that’s because that’s what you’re looking for. People see what they want to see, and you clearly want to view Christians as superior to atheists.

Well I don’t agree. I am very nice and polite until i get a question that deliberately is rude toward Atheist. Your statement is totally incorrect though, Christian’s on this site (not all just like not all Atheist) do not have more class and / or are more respectful. I do not need the threat of God or Hell to keep me in line, i am fully aware that actions have consequence good or bad, it is thinking like this that makes Christians look arrogant and piss Atheist off, you cannot group us with all, just like not all Christians are bigots and hypocrites. This is the Religion and Spirituality section. I enjoy debating this topic, and the last time you folks went unchecked we had the dark ages, im good with that happening again. Spirituality is not mutually inclusive with Religion, and Atheist can be spiritual without believing in God.

because of fact in case you objective the different faith you would be branded as a racist. Christianity is an straight forward objective because of fact it quite is been the dominant faith interior the west for terribly just about 2000 years. to not point out the undeniable fact that maximum atheists interior the western international do not know lots approximately religions different than Christianity, so as that they desire to cherry-%. the undesirable components (which on occasion do not even exist) of Christianity. maximum atheists who attack Christianity are actually not to any extent further suited than the Christian fundamentalists who attack atheism and islam.

I say this is being a bad egg in itself.

You are obviously insulting Atheists, implying that atheism is bad.

Did you know that since Atheism has been getting more popular, the crime-rate has actually lowered 10 percent?

Christianity is simply a copy of so many other religions out there.

It’s holidays are not even their own.

Xmas= Taken from a pagan holiday called Yule, in which a tree was decorated and presents given out to the children and family. That is where the term Yule log comes from as well.

Eastern = Quite frankly..what does Jesus have to do with the easterbunny? However. Easter was celebrated a long time ago. The celebration of the goddess Ostera (in german eastern translates to Ostern) And guess what…..Her animal is the Hare/Rabbit. THAT is where the easterbunny comes from

Rather ironic how the so called 2 major events in xianity just so happen to be on two important celebrations of old religions, don’t you think?

Christianity is nothing more than a power trip. It’s so sad that people don’t see it. Who is the richest and most powerful organization in the world? The church. And still they cry every day for donations.
They claim they are humble. Can any one of us afford a place like the vatican? A place with marble floors and floor to ceiling paintings? Who of us can afford a castle at a coast with it’s own planetarium as a vacation house? The pope of course.

If they church sold all that and lived as humble as they preach people to be…they could feed MANY poor.

funny , cuz most christians on here been really mean and give very humiliating answers . im not an atheist nor a christian ,but atheists have an open mind .ofcourse we cant stereotype by sayin ALL christians r closed minded ,but from what ive experienced they refuse to lsn to the other opinion and say “could be ,but” .instead they say ” NO UR WRONG” .how the hell do u know im wrong ?. well thats my own opinion . and im expecting lots of thumbs down as soon as u read my source 🙂

Yeah, you could be right.
I don’t fear God, Satan, Heaven or Hell.

I have NO reason to be respectful – but I am.

You fundies on the other hand are only respectful because of a fear of a sky fairy.

I’d say the non believers are more genuine.

And not all Christians practice what they preach – some are disrespectful, rude, intolerant a$$holes but still think they are going to a fluffy heaven coz “God” forgives all sinners!!


maybe cos thats what you see, it may seem that way to you,but that doesnt mean thats how it is does it

theres no need to be so insulting towardsall the peopel heer you dont know based n a few answers or qs

if your not a chritian you are followung the same propaganda christianty spews out

How very respectful of christians to think anyone except a christian deserves eternal torment. okay maybe believers just think god is as stupid as they are. in any case if a god exists, it is not the judeo christian one. Smile on the outside but condemning to hellfire on the inside.

You very clearly have not been here long. Actually, the worst offenders are the alleged Christians. I’ve never seen so many people gathered into one place who claim to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and have him in their heart, who behave so “antiChrist.”

There are some legitimate questions on which I participate, but by and large, the section is overrun by idiots and children from both side of the aisle.

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