Would you date/spend your life with a disabled person?

Would you ever date a person who has some sort of a disability? Would you ever consider spending the rest of your life with a disabled person?

What I mainly want to know is whether you let people’s disabilities get in the way of a possible relationship? If yes, why?

Also, does it depend on the type of the…

I certainly wouldn’t have a problem dating someone with a disability, since I have a couple myself…I’ve been on the other side of people’s judgements about disability, and it sucks, so I would be loathe to do it to someone else.

I would certainly NOT let a disability interfere with a possible relationship. As for depending on the type…it would depend more on the degree than the type, in the sense that I’d want to date (or marry) someone of reasonable intelligence who didn’t require a lot of “maintenance” (i.e., they didn’t have such a degree of disability that they required constant care and attention…I wouldn’t want to take on the role of “mother” for a guy, after all…) But if you’re talking just in general about the sorts of things like a sensory impairment, paraplegia, CP, etc., then I wouldn’t have a problem. There are a lot of people out there with disabilities who’ve managed to do well for themselves in spite of social and cultural issues that can be far more disabling than a physical or mental impairment…and as long as the person is an interesting, caring, considerate individual, disability shouldn’t matter. After all, half of the problem that comes from disability originates in the inability of cultural norms to integrate people who don’t fit them…

And in some warped way, I think it might be kind of interesting to date/marry someone with problems similar to my own…just to see how someone else handled them (i.e., getting another perspective).

It is possible. I do believe that when you really love a person, you shouldn’t be too bother if he/she is a disabled person. We should instead overcome the problem together and not be bother about what others said or how others look at the relationship.

Yes, It really depend on the type of disability. However this is not an issue if you really love him/her.

I think it would be difficult, if not immoral, to carry on a relationship with a person who is mentally incapapble of grasping all the consequences of such actions. I’m not talking about Forrest Gump here, I’m talking about people who, through physical trauma or genetic/environmental conditions during pregnancy, are incapable of grasping even the basic concepts of the world around them.

As for physical disability, that is not a barrier for me. I dated for a year a guy who had spinabiffida(sp). Love is love, a person is a person!

I think I could date someone who had a physical disability, as long as the disability didn’t impede his ability to have sexual relations. However, I could never date someone who had a developmental disability or a severe mental illness, because I want a mate who is intellectually stimulating, and since I’ve got plenty of issues of my own, I don’t want to have to deal with another person’s, as well.

Falling in love with someone really has nothing to do with his/her disabilities. If you really love someone, you don’t even notice that they might have a disability. You see, I’ve always heard that love is BLIND!!!! Guess what!!!! None of us are perfect…….We all have disabilities of some sort or another….

1. It depends if it was physical or mental.

Yes if it was physical, and i still found them attractive.

2. Yes or No depending on the context.

3. If its physcal it might add some tension over them being unabled to do certain things that I can do and they cannot. If its mental, it would be very difficult to effectively communicate, and i don’t know if they’d ‘get me’.

4. Completely.

I’m married, so if something happened to my wife…I’m not leaving her. If I was single and I felt a strong connection …why not?

depends how disabled and how wealthy

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