Zionist Jews are the problem?

Do you agree with this Jew ?

“An orthodox jewish man in Israel talks about how his grandparents, who lived in the holy land since before Israel was established, used to be friends with the muslims in the area. They were “like brothers.”…

Throughout history Muslims took Jews into protection many times…

USA had no enemies in the middle east before Israel

The Elite ones like Rothschild are. Although I would say the elite Jews everyone talks about are really Satanists giving lip service to religion. Same with the so called “Christian” Rockefellers.

Palestine belongs to England? How was that. Just because you raid and invade the land that belongs to the people and claim it it was yours.

That is why the war will never subside. When people think they could come and steal the land that belong to the local people, the people have the right to defend their land. Colonial Regime must be eradicate from any earth they occupied. They have no right to be there.

British and American will always be under the watchful eyes of those who have been badly tormented by their evil invasion. History has declared that they are the criminals on site. The world is watching every move they made.

yes the zionist jews are the problem, not Judaism or Jewish people, Why?

The zionist destroyed and burned mosques while there are people praying inside.

They kill and kill Muslim children and women.

They prevent food,water and electricity to the residents of Gaza.

They destroyed the homes, mosques and graves of the Muslims and built Temples and Night Clubs.
while the Muslims are forced to live out in the street or be a refuge in a foreign country.
And it isn’t just Muslims who are suffering, christians are suffering too, the Zionist had closed down hundreds of churches or turned them to temples, Museums, and Night clubs.

Not all Jews are Zionists and not all Zionists are Jews. I only have issue with Zionists not Jews. Occupation and oppression forced upon people is never a way of moving forwards for anyone. Did not work for Hitler and it wont work for Zionists.

orthodox jews do not promote zionism, that would be the russians, the ashkenazim. the zionists are the problem, they are serious right wing. like our christian right, they take a bit from an old book that they don’t really understand, and twist it for their own uses. it’s a secular land grab.

I would tend to agree with him but we are where we are, now. The Israeli government seems hell bent on continuing the conflict and is, either unwilling or unable to make, what appears to me, the few reasonable concessions requested by the long suffering Palestinians. I think Zionist dominated Israel will live to deeply regret their stubborn intransigence.

That’s a rather odd viewpoint. The Jews and Muslims did live in relative peace until Israel declared itself a nation. Then the Muslims attacked them. I don;t see how it was the zionists who caused the problem. The land Israel was founded on belonged to England at the time.

I would say that this jewish man is not an orthodox jew and neither is he a christian. He obviously does not see the issue of ownership the way God sees it. The nation of Israel is getting ready to usher in the greatest revival the world has ever seen. They will do so from their homeland. It is written, and therefore it will come to pass.

Intrigued by the possible answers to come!

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