Does rape justify abortion?

Do you think that rape justifies getting an abortion or that the baby should still have a chance to live even if the mother can handle the situation or being in constant reminder of how the baby was created? I just want to know your opinions because I feel like the only way you can forget rape is to get rid of…

You’ll be alright hun trust me just take it one day at a time, I was raped before I got married to my amazing husband and if he wasn’t there to support me which I was surprised about, I would have had an abortion, and my beautiful baby girl wouldn’t be here today. Just take a few days to think about it, I know you may not want to wait too long because the longer you wait the harder it is. But everything will be fine, if you don’t want to keep the baby you can give it up for adoption. But you never know the baby could bring you happiness unless your still a minor you may decide the best thing to do is keep the baby.

I think it depends on the person. I’m sure some women would view the baby as a miracle, despite the way it was conceived. I’m sure other women would psychologically not be able to handle the baby, and maybe in those cases opting out of abortion could be very detrimental to both of their health.

well i want a baby so bad i would have a random mans child even if he was really really ugly because obviously the baby would be mine i can change its looks take care of its diaper come to it every time it crys i seriously wish i could just do that, but i just can’t its crazy!
i have a husband and i’m trying to get him to have one with me and rape doesn’t justify anything its wrong but abortions are so depressing its killing a whole other life and not to mention what YOU have to go threw to get an abortion!

I’m not sure. I don’t think any of us can give a truly accurate answer without having been in such an awful situation. That being said, I would like to carry the baby to term and then give him or her up for adoption. I’m pro-choice, but I really don’t think I could ever bring myself to have an abortion.

You are not wrong. Yes, it does – but abortion doesn’t require justification, hon; that’s an issue between a woman and her doctor, and no one else needs to be involved. If anti-abortion advocates would agree to raise, feed, house and educate the children they want to “save”, fine – otherwise, I think they need to stand aside.

YES, it does. If the rape victim is younger than 18, I am pro-abortion. It is child abuse to force a rape victim to carry the baby. I agree with you 100%.

It isn’t the baby’s fault
Why take it on the innocent .the baby did nothing wrong
If anything i think the baby is a victim as well

I agree with abortion, regardless of whether a woman was raped or not. They don’t make the decision lightly you know.

U posted in the wrong section try religion or politics they take things more serious …trust me – Pro choice and luving it

If you don’t want a baby, give it up for adoption.

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