When Jack B, the skinny hairy bisexual Jew dies from AIDS, will he still enjoy getting sodomized by Satan in hell?

you act as if Satan is in control in Hell he is not he will be punished just as much as you and i should we go to Hell. we need to love our neighbors and not be name calling and pushing these people farther away. love makes the world go around. we need to love one another not hate. Thanks for the question friend God bless.

I’m sure he’ll save you a spot right next to him, if you ask him. You can be sodomy buddies in hell.

Anonymous troll, please stop.

So much hate. You must worship the devil

It will still be more living than you’ve ever done, anonymous coward.
I didn’t report it, but I could have sworn this was deleted. LOL

At this point, you’re officially a stalker. And one who won’t even show their face. You’re being more than a little creepy.

Stop calling out users.
Outing a person’s HIV status is not cool. It could possibly be a crime.

Whatever RCC.

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