Democrats, are we still in the Civil War in Iraq?

November 2006, NBC made the deliberate decision of calling it a Civil War in Iraq. Since then NBC has not referred to it as a Civil War.

So I’m wondering….what is it now? Lately I haven’t heard too much bad news in Iraq…and there has been progress since last summer. (We must acknowledge that)


Tan woman, there are Sunni and Shiite sects that are fighting each other in Iraq – at that, you could consider it a civil war. As for the rest, I am not a democrat, so I can’t help you there.

~tanned white man


First for Iraqi history: After WW1, the British took 3 completely different provinces in the area and squished them together and called it Iraq.

The Kurds, the Shiites, and the Sunnis are diverse groups, ethnically and religiously. So, “civil war” is something of a misnomer since these groups do not completely share the same culture, society, or religion. They share a nationality only because the British decided it that way.

We, in America, view the Muslim religion as one, which it is not. We also tend to lump the Middle East into one group culturally, which is also in error. Based on that, Iraq IS in civil war. Based on the Wikipedia definition, civil war doesn’t exist in Iraq.

Civil war will exist only if those in Iraq agree that they share a nationality or society. I really don’t see that happening.

Of course there’s a civil war. You’ve got Al Queda fighting with Sunni tribes. You’ve got Sunni militias fighting with Shiite militias. You’ve the prime minister sending the Iraq army after the Mehdi army of Sadr. Take your pick, they all fit the bill. NBC probably got some flack and dropped the term. And don’t go by the news, since there aren’t a lot of reporters there anymore. You won’t know half of what’s going on from day to day.

We are keeping troops in Iraq and building fences between neighborhoods in order to prevent the civil war from erupting again. NBC was correct. The problem is that unless the Iraqis resolve their differences on their own, we will be bankrupted trying to police their internal conflicts.

NBC is a defense contractor, making money off the war, and therefore cannot be trusted.
There is a govt, and there are other organized armies fighting that govt, so its a civil war…the central govt actually only controls the area areound bagdad. The north is controlled by the kurds and the south by individual militias and warlords.
Most of the violence happens in the SUnni triangle where the Shia and sunni do most of the fighting

Eventually we will be forced out and will need to declare victory and go home. Iraq will have its civil war and sort out it national identity. I am thinking it will break up into 3 states or be held together by another police state/ strong man dictatorship. But yes we are in the middle of an unresolved civil war.

It is apparent that whenever someone disagrees with a stance, they usually think that someone who holds that belief is somehow brainwashed by the media.

In a recent Gallop poll, 63% of Americans believe invading Iraq was a mistake.

We have 160,000 troops or so on the ground in Iraq, so, doubtless, better law and order has prevailed.

If we left, some believe Iraq would tumble into civil war quickly.

We ignited a powder keg in Iraq for justifications that were exaggerated by the white house.

Iraq is, and was, a boondoggle, my friend.

You’re actually asking the democrats when only about 2% or 3% have joined the military? Please now, you can’t get truthful info about the “war” from people who never joined the military. They can only guess. Try asking this of the military people who have been there and know what’s going on.

No, everything is dandy over there. did you know that April was the deadliest month for our troops? ofcourse not, you were too busy watching dancing with the stars and making plans on what type of coffe you would grab on your way to the tanning salon. 4000+ soldiers killed 35,000 injured, and over 600,000 iraqis dead with 2,000,000 displaced, and you are making an argument that, “hey everything is dandy over there now”

Here is my advice to you “Shut the Hell up”

If you really feel they made that statement as an opinion.. then by all means.. try to get them to apologize.. it’s not that big of a deal to me.. but it obviously is to you…… but make sure to throw Fox in there as well for all of their opinions.

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