Are lies just the truth from a different angle?

Truth becomes a lie only when you look at in just ONE angle, that is to concentrate on one aspect and exaggerate its importance

Only when you look at it all other aspects it becomes truth

Not sure about angles, but I think a lie is simply a self interpretation of the truth. Then again, that may make it an angle.

Lies can never be truth. But hypocrites and selfish people with negative attitude, make lies as truth.

Possibly sometimes…
But I think lies are most likely to be the wannabe truths..

If you always tell the truth, you won’t have to worry about lies.

It differs from person to person.
Truth may differ from one person to another.
Sometimes, from one person’s point of view, it is the truth and another person’s point of view it may be lies.
It totally depends on how a particular person thinks about it because each person thinks in a different way.

No, a lie cannot be a truth. It mostly depends on what situation you are talking about specifically. but to speak a lie is a sin.

No their just the opposite of the truth.

No! a lie is a lie..!!
It’s a sin!

A Devil can never ever become God so even if you view it from any damn angle!!
Edit: Even half of the truth is no less than a lie….and here we are talking about only lie..!

~Smile 🙂

There are three sides to every story – his version, her version and the truth. Not easy to always know.

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