Does Windows Vista sp1 suck?

I had a computer with a version of vista once and it sucked. It wouldn’t print anything and it shut down programs randomly and lots of other retarded stuff. Now, I’m looking at buying a used laptop that has vista installed on it (it originally ran on XP). Apparently, according to the seller, it runs well…

Microsoft XP and 7 are GREAT! Vista has always sucked! A lot of people blame the “users” but really, Vista was just a grace period between a great OS such as XP was and an improved one such as 7 is. We don’t have much to go on with what you said in your post; however, one of my laptops is an old HP Compaq nx6120 designed for XP with a max upgrade of Vista, and I am currently running it with 7 Pro; mind you I upgraded RAM and HDD but it is running GREAT! Not slow and not crashing or anything like that! My suggestions is either downgrade it back to XP or upgrade to 7!

Good luck!

Install service pack 2 and there is nothing wrong with Vista. Vistas biggest problem was retarded users.

I had Vista SP1 on 2 computers and located it to be risky on one, with 2 categories of memory modules (I easily have a motherboard that facilitates 3 simultaneous forms of memory on it). Vista SP1 has a situation with this. when I positioned W7 on it, the difficulty disappeared. This workstation is fully good and extra desirable to Vista now. I went forward and upgraded my computing device with W7 and that i had a suited deploy on the two the laptop workstation and computing device. of direction, you ought to run the W7 improve wizard to verify in the experience that your hardware is as much because it, yet as quickly because it extremely is finished, i opt to advise that all human beings improve from Vista to W7. i’m quite quite inspired with W7 and think of it extremely is extra desirable in each and every admire to Vista. in the experience that your modern-day workstation handles Vista, it is going to, in all likelyhood, take care of W7 besides. i’m working W7 suited on the two computers with Aero (I easily have quite a number of memory on the two!). For suited, you ought to have a minimum of three gigs of memory. My advice is to enhance.

My office had 30+ computers running Vista. None had the problems you’re describing. It sounds like your old computer may have had bad RAM – those symptoms are consistent with bad hardware, particularly RAM.

Vista , every Tom , Dick , Harry , Jerry , Janet hates it why cause it’s known for crashing Vista is one of the worst Os ever made

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