Ever notice how liberals tend to be RIGHT?

Doesn’t it seem like liberals tend to be right? Remember who was against the Iraq War? All the warnings liberals gave (in terms of what would happen) turned out to be exactly correct? Notice they were for things like erradicating slavery, giving women the right to vote, civil rights, and enacting laws to…

Conservatives=Repubs the grand old party, the party with money, protect the status quo at all costs…
Liberals=open to change and new ideas.

OSHA, workers comp, 40 hour work week, child labor laws…all courtesy of the liberals of this country…

Welfare, you say? Well, lets see, I dont know how ANYONE could live on what they get from welfare….so who is making the money on welfare? Could it be the people IN CHARGE of welfare? The Republicans? Seems to me they want to keep things just as they are, and continue to blame the poor, sick and homeless for the problems with this country.

I rather think they tend to be LEFT. I would like to consider myself liberal but too many who wave that banner are too extreme. Many on the left supported the Iraq error in the early days but as a group they did support a more pragmatic wait and see stance. I thought we had waited long enough with the constant delay and interference with UN inspectors. Seems I was wrong. I still think it is a remote posibility that WMD were shipped to Iran or Syria. I always thought the ties to Al Queda were there but so minimal as to be of no importance though many on the right was sure Sadam was behind 9/11. I will agree with the liberals most often but continue to let you all go on with out me when you get silly.

They were also against it the first time we went over there. That one went fine and we pulled out and Liberals were ok after we pulled out. because we didn’t do our job the first time around, we had to go back, now they are complaining about that. They were also complaining about going to war in Afghanistan. Why? They also complained about the tragedy in New Orleans saying Bush is racist. I thought FEMA was responsible for national disasters. Sounds to me like Liberals do a whole lot of complaining and not a lot of reasoning. My girlfriend’s best friend is a Liberal. She once told me that this country would be a lot better if Communism was allowed. You think she’s right about that? Conservatives are not one or two people that are running for office. Conservatives consists of a majority in the central states and suburbs. they are spread out all over the east and West coast. I’m a Conservative. My family is Conservative. Neither me or my family were ever against any of these things you say Conservatives are against. And for your information, Conservatives aren’t just Republicans, there are Conservative Democrats also. So get out of tunnel vision and get your facts straight.

You are incorrect twice:

1) Liberal views are to the LEFT, not the RIGHT, and
2) The libs are typically WRONG about most things.

The writing I see on the wall is ever-increasing tax costs and businesses that have to lay people off because they can’t afford to keep them on the payroll with those high tax costs. Also, I see my business distracted from what we do to make money and provide services due to a bunch of unnecessary government red tape. Of course, the liberal media never talks about these things.

Hey, buddy, this is a question and answer forum. Why don’t you take your speeches somewhere else!

“Notice they were for things like erradicating slavery, giving women the right to vote, civil rights, and enacting laws to protect children in the workplace? And remember how conservatives have been against all these things?”

LOL, im no conservative, but Im not dumb enough to think that conservatives are against any of those things. where did you come up with this?

You know, I don’t remember conservatives being against any of the stuff you listed, and, as all many liberals seem to forget, a dictator has been taken out of power. That is not a total loss to me. I think you’re asking the wrong people to read the writing on the walls.

Outstanding question!

Thank you for bringing us these contributions to society to light and it just shows me that people are on one side or the other. I just hope we can keep that right. How many times can you change the constitution are add on, or take off, doesn’t go along with your agenda? Time will tell everyone will see in the end who was right and who was wrong. Until then, I guess we keep on with how it is.

Maybe they had some good ideas back in the day but thats all gone downhill now. And conservatives werent against any of that stuff, smarty. So no…I dont notice that at all. thanks for sharing though.

Now go get your facts straight.

do you get your material from the comedy channel – or do you just make it up on your own

this is hilariously good stuff

ps – and welfare is working ,too
we have families here with 4th generation collectors – that haven’t worked a day in their lives – dang, you guys are the best


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