Have more people died from Iraq War or GANG VIOLENCE in our country? You hate Bush?

Do you realize MORE people have died because of GANG related violence than soldiers in IRAQ?

Why do you HATE Bush sooooo bad and try SOOOOO hard to compare him to MCCAIN by calling them “Warmongers”?
Have you EVER compared the number of deaths?

Gangs and Gang violence have over taken our…

Gang related violence and death have been running rampart
since early clinton. So what do we do, nothing, The brave
men and women of Law Enforcement, who deal with this
issue each and everyday, have there finger in the dyke trying
to hold back the tide. Yet our democratic social programs
are the reason for the absolute failure. We have thrown good
money after bad, and we have accomplished nothing, This
is also Bush’s mess to. This is a National problem, not a one
person problem. Yet as you can see the hypocritical
big mouths who shoot off and make the biggest noise and
do nothing themselves point the finger at Bush,

How about we post some action stats from the South Side of
Chicago. This would warm the hearts of the Obama pack.
Since this is his district, and was his district when he was
with the Ill senate, and did not a damn thing to help stop this
from being a total out of control problem today, Google
Chicago PD, south side gang related violence stats. And see what a
big CHANGE Barack made there. But you won’t for you
will see the truth NOTHING. Thanks for putting up such a
responsible question. My last two on this issue were
pulled down.

…oh man-don’t get me started.Our streets are over loaded with all types of violent crimes but ur right about the gang problem-the gang violence is out of control.My neighbor whom I saw everyday as I leave in the morning was killed last week in front of my house.He was only 17-sad.I can still hear the sound of the shots as they rang out in the air-I still can’t believe it- because he wasn’t even in a gang-they say mistaken identity because of how he dressed>I say it it was murder.How can anyone kill a kid?let alone an un-armed one-I mean what is that>COWARDS come to mind.Either way it happens here every other day it seems-and more people need to man up and do something about it-
That aside-you say why blame Bush/Cheney?-because they are guilty of neglect-they act like America should take care of itself while they spend our tax dollars on themselves and their friends and overseas-pretty bad when a country’s own government declines any consistent form of aid to it’s own people while giving it to other country’s or corporations for personal favor-greed.
The idea that any government official hired to act for the people would spend their tax dollars haphazzardly for themselves like they are owed it is mind boggling.I guess it is accurate to say if someone is really elected they act out for the most part like it is a respectable job-in some cases a calling>but-if they are part of voter fraud that put them in office because their friends and family are the elite and they think they are above it all and do what they want…then it’s just another deceptive story.
The mind-it plays tricks when it thinks highly of itself…now if you can-pinpoint hypocrisy within this current administration.That would be a more interesting and truthful understanding of the times were in…

Not hypocritical at all. Actually it is a ridiculous comparison. You brought it up not I. If I’m speaking about the war in Iraq why would I bring something up that has nothing to do with it? Of course gang-violence is a problem, but that doesn’t undermine the war as a problem either.

Consider how many Americans would have died if Gore or Kerry were elected & we had an attack 100x worse than 911.

Certainly, if the terrorists believed we have a leader who will not attack them, they would have already hit us much harder than 911. Gore or Kerry would never have defended the USA with a full scale military defense, never.

If 500,000 people were killed in a major USA city with a dirty bomb, histroy would all look at Bush differently…… of course, moveontosocialism.org has written “talking points” for their lemmings, to dispute that a coward like Gore or Kerry would have never defended the USA but we all know the only democrat who would defend the USA is Joe Lieberman, no wonder Lieberman has been ex-communicated from the socialist party.

Bush ignored gang violence, and instead started violence where we didn’t belong. The two are unrelated, and there is no hypocrisy, except that it is true that with the money we spent on the Iraq war we could have solved tons of our USA problems.

I think we agree, if you just shift your perception around there a little.

What are you foooooouuuurteeen?

It is apples and oranges.

How can you compare street violence resulting from poverty and lack of opportunity to a war imposed on American soldiers by a corrupt man and his corrupt associates.

By the way year for year the war in Iraq HAS killed more Americans and innocent Iraqi civilians.

Our president has more disregard for life than these so called gangs do by continuing this war!

Gang violence is an issue in this country its true but you cannot compare the countless coffins returning to the states from the war to the lives lost to gangs.

It’s ignorant and naive to do so!

My cousin who was serving in the army was killed (shot in the chest) on June 12, 2008 in Iraq. (His third trip to Iraq) Though it’s sad to think he died serving in what I believe to be a meaningless war, I still don’t hate Bush because I don’t believe in hating folks. It is very sad though.

Here are some stats.

4096 – # of murders in California in 1993 (not a war zone)

4101 – # of troops killed due to war in Iraq (war zone) since
beginning of the war in March of 2003. This number
includes non-combat deaths (accidents).

29,978 – # of US troops injured since beginning of war in
March of 2003.

66,646 – # of alcohol related fatalities from 2003 to 2006 in
the United States.

225,000 – # of deaths per year due to doctors

Democrat’s blame Bush because they are simple minded and don’t know any better . They are also blind to the fact that Democrat civil Rights leaders and lawyers have the highest crime rates in there city’s because they put criminals rights first . You think Gang Violence is bad now .Wait until you see what happens if Obama gets elected! Obama was a civil rights lawyer who is responsible for getting criminals off on technicalities

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