Have you ever lived/holidayed in a caravan?

When I was younger we stayed in caravans for our holidays.

No what is it with bloody caravans? They are an abhorrence akin to locusts and blue-bottles. Step away from the barely rigid pieces of metal tied to the back of an equally horrifying car, no doubt. I bet you drive a Vauxhall and think it is the best car you have ever had.

We lived in a mobile home (not at all mobile except for very high winds & horses rubbing against it) for 5 years.
Some griends thought it would be really great to go for a caravan holiday – I drew the line at towing the damn thing – and since then I have refused to go on holiday in one of the small ones.
My mum has a mobile home at her place so when we visit we stay in that. Not sure whether it would be better to do the 6 hour trip there, visit & then drive straight back especially in the winter – but that would just hurt her feelings too much & I would never hear the end of it!

Yes had many caravan holidays it was a reasonably cheap way of taking my kids when they were younger, Last time was in Anglesea on a caravan site with a shower that only stayed warm if you were one of the first 5 to get in. The toilet was with the shower block 500m away, not great if you need the loo at night when it was raining as it inevitably did in Anglesea

Yeah when I was a kid I had about 5 holidays a year in the caravan. Unlike most people I have seen just about everything the UK has to offer but tend to go overseas on holiday now.

Had lots of holidays in caravans over the years and owned static caravans Love caravans they are so cosy and comfortable,would rather live in one than a house.Think i will sell the house and buy a Winnebago and set off –you comming

Yes many times, we have had some great holidays staying in caravans.

We have a little touring caravan, which we should of been in this weekend in the Cotswold’s, but the hol has been cancelled due to the floods. And our friends we were meeting there, have booked a last minute holiday to Greece, and fly in a few hours time as they have had enough.
However, I love to caravan in this country, but hate the weather this year, as this has happened to us twice in a couple of months.
So i am about to have a pour down of my own, with a bottle of wine to drown my sorrows of yet another ruined holiday.

Cheeeerzzzz (Hic!)

Hi “D”, went on static caravan holidays with the kids when they were young, and so, when we visited Cornwall last year, we were staying B+B, I decided it would be great to hire one for a week, great van, pity about the relentless rain, we came home after four days! Never again!

Spent a honeymoon in a caravan on the Isle of Skye in 1987 and it was quite comfortable .

we’ve had loads of holidays in caravans at haven parks. Cheap, fun and all 5 of us can go, also an excellent way to see Britain.

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