How many you miss the 50s & 60 era I know I do, Do you remember the drive inn movies, drive inn restaurants,?

Also did any of you work as car hops, I did.The soda shops, Duck tail hair cuts, the poodle skirts, saddle shoes, soc hops, the teen center, the juke boxes and best of all the music. I still love the music and listen to it all the time, I have a 10 year old grandaughter, she will say mamaw, put some of your music…

Well, I was born in 1953 and lived in a small rural town in northern Illinois. We had all those things you mentioned except for the drive -in theater. Had to go to Joliet for that. Most drive-ins were on the way out by the time I had a drivers license but they were still within a short drive. Used to sneak as many in as possible in the trunk of the car and of course had illicit beer with.

Favorite malt shop was Hallorans sweet shop in our downtown area. Huge stainless steel malt cup for 35 cents. Juke box control heads on the counters or in the booths and I think it was 3 plays for a quarter. My sister was a car hop at the local Dog N Suds. Was on roller skates and had to wear a skirt if I remember correctly. A and W root-beer stand was new in our town around 1966 -1968.

Now you’ve done it and I’ll be lost on memory lane all night. I came along between DA’s greasers and the Beatles. The leather jacket “hoods” hanging out downtown and the National Honor society kids. A lot of my early teen years to high school reminds me of ” American Graffiti.

No I am looking forward to getting the “55” discount in a couple more months when I hit that “discount” age at the local IHOP.

I lived thru those, but we have Sonic now, which is very good, and I really like movies at home on my projection system. More comfortable, huge picture, great popcorn, and the potty is a lot handier. I also can still play LP’s with my music. Would never want to go back to the cold war, the duck tail haircuts, or most of life then. It’s great in retirement now. I love it. No computers then, either, and I’d miss that.

I loved the drive in movies and the teen towns. They were places we could all go and have fun that didnt cost a fortune. I feel sorry for the teens today that have more limited choices and everything costs them so much. The music was easy to dance to and you could understand the words that were not R rated. Times were slower and more family oriented. Neighborhoods were safer too. However, I love all the progress that we have made now and all the new technology. Each era has the good and bad parts so I enjoy living in the present rather than wanting to go back to the past.

Besides SONIC, we have DOUMAR’S here in Norfolk, Virginia. I understand a couple of the original car hop girls (wore roller skates) still work there. My youngest came home one night gushing about this drive in place that made great milk shakes. I said, “Let me guess. It was Doumar’s on Monticello.” He was surprised I knew about it. They still come to the car. They still hand roll the waffle ice cream cone, and the milk shakes are still made the way they made them back in the 50’s (not that plastic stuff like you get a McD’s). In nice weather, they bring the waffle roller outside so the kids can watch the cones being rolled. They grind their own hamburger, and make fresh limeade to order. They don’t write down the orders (no computers). They don’t accept checks or credit cards; cash only.
Abe Doumar came from Damascus, Syria; and created the first ice cream cone at the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis. One evening he purchased a waffle from a nearby vendor, rolled it into a cone and topped it with ice cream. So, when you have an ice cream cone, you’re eating something a local guy here in s.e. Virginia invented long, long ago.
And now, you know the REST of the story.

i sure do miss the 60’s and still listen to music that I biurn on c/d’s and play in my car, but what i miss the most is how we all were so friendly with our neighbors and relatives abd could leave our doors unlocked and windows open all night and have no fear of anyone coming in.
people had more time at home and to know our neighbors and along with all the great music, drive inns and the clothes we wore that all comes i hand with the peace we all lived in in those times.
My grandkids now have school plays and the music teachers has them singing songs from the 60;s so my grandkids ask me if I have those on my computor and I sure do, guess that music will never go away.

Great stuff here. I remember Bob’s Home of the Big Boy on Colorado Blvd in Glendale, California, the first one I think. Drag races on San Fernando Road, nobody got killed…drive in movies were great later when you had to bring the kids. Guys wore real Levis and the cuff configurations were some kind of code…the Frisco Roll and the San Fernando Turn-Down (I wish I had a picture) DA haircuts and white T-shirts. Very sexy.

In the 50s we were introduced to black music, Big Jay McNeely, Lester Young, the great sax players. We had to go to South Central LA to Flash’s Music Store to buy them, not found in Glendale…Brazilian, Cuban, and Puerto Rican music was hard to find..we were thrilled by the mambo and bossanova. Richie Valens was a favorite. We were too young to be beatniks but we dressed in black and wore shades just to be different. 73 and still a rebel with a cause.

I miss those days so much. Especially the drive-in movies! Dad and mom would get us kids in our jammies, take pillows and blankets and the dog and we all would go to the drive-in movie with snacks and sodas. Before the movie started, they would play music over the speakers that would hang on your car window. My avatar has a poodle skirt on and is standing at a car hop!!!!

Depending on where you live the Bob’s the Big Boy restaurants are starting back up as drive in restaurants complete with roller skated waitresses and the whole schmear. Yes, I even remember when the last one disappeared into the ether. We still have a three screen drive in theater here in Sacramento.

That is all I listen to from Doo Wop to Blue Oyster Cult.
Worked in a bowling alley setting pins and hustling the pool tables.
Daughter likes the era I grew up in BIG ELVIS FAN SHE is.
Duck tail hair cut and riding in a friends low rider 50 Merc with fender skirts, flat black primer with red flames. Oh yes with 8 pipes and no mufflers out the rear hear that car for 2 miles away.

Yes…miss the era. I was a car hop for some time in the early 60’s. Walked my tail off out on that lot and loved every minute of it.

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