I need advice no rude comments?

I been on my own for a while now, i have 3 little girls no help what so ever
im not on any spousal help or child support or welfare whatever
i have a job i make $9 an hour i work mon-sat from 8am-5:45pm
one of my daughter’sis 5 the other is 2 in a half and the last one just turned 6 months.
i have two baby…

IF you are in the USA there is plenty of help. Call Health and Human Services and your local sex abuse hotline. If you don’t get your girls out there they will be taken from you. Social services can help you get a place to live, rent assistance, food stamps, birth control, and what you really really need, assistance to go to school. Without an education, you are trapped. Do it TODAY and email me if you want more help, if you are in the US. Been there.

Get all the info for the fathers together and go for welfare. Then the state will force the fathers to get on child support.

No man has a right to bring children into this world and expect others to pay for them. They are their kids, no one else’s.
Stay away from sex with losers. Do not get have sex with any man until you know he is going to treat you like a queen. If you love your girls as much as you say, do not let them see you disrespect yourself anymore. You are modeling relationships for your daughters and don’t you want them to be with loving men? Not all men are jerks with no respect for women.

A strip club for you is a bad idea. Because, you are not making good choices with men. And that is the last place someone with your low self esteem needs to work. You will get all caught up with one guy and think he loves you and it won’t work out. My sister in law was a stripper for awhile. She met a man, thought he loved her, even got a home with him. In the end, he never thought of her as anything but a stripper, even after 4 years and he dumped her.

Get on welfare and get those men on child support. You are making it too easy on them. You deserve the help. You need the help. They are not allowed to make excuses.

The first step is to go after the daddies. The older the girls get the more money it is going to take for them.
No man has the right to help bring babies into this world and not pay support for them.
If you are in the USA, and apply for welfare the fathers will be ordered to pay. Pay or go to jail.

Then you need some birth control. If you go to work as a stripper, a lot of men are going to be after you. Most of them will be married. They will tell you they are not but they will be.

I think it would be wise to ask the court for child support and anything you got would help.
it’s not a shame to ask for help from the state.I get e mails from ladies that went into stripping
and they make up to $ 900.00 a night Some college girls strip 1 or 2 nights a week and quit
when they are ready.Important thing is to get away from your father with your girls and make a safe
place for them to live.Start with child support and children services can help.check for a furnished
2 bedroom apartment or house.use your cell phone for a home phone.you could work with your computer part time .Or strip one night a week if nessary to help get you back on your feet.
My wife died of cancer and i raised my 4 daughters and i know how hard it is.

First get away from your “dad” if he molested you what makes you think he wont molest your daughters. put child support on those guys. and am pretty sure ther is a lot of help , why dont u apply for welfare i mean u need it. there is some people that are on it and dont even need it. get a true man . but am barely 19 i cant imagine myself with 2 daughters.

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