Jehovah’s Witnesses: How do you become a top contributor in Yahoo Answers with more than 50% best answers?

Two examples:;_ylt=AvX7Aaye7vp6QcCsuuQJuSnsy6IX;_ylv=3?show=AA10024451;_ylt=AmHG.Zxh6UqS.Et7wOf9cmfd7BR.;_ylv=3?show=KyftC1k2aa

What would you suggest is the secret to getting your response selected as best-answer? And how do you get…

It is already well known~ this person has multiple accounts.

What I don’t understand is how he still has an account. This particular person has been the subject of topic (without listing his name) on the suggestion board because at one time the points were in the negative by 1000’s of points lol!

The Y!A team said they are aware of certain people and dock them major points on occasion, they also on occasion give major points to people who contribute to the site legitimately. I could email you a few threads in fact from the SB if you would like lol~

Anyways, cheating.. isn’t it so becoming of anyone? If you search long enough you will see that I too have searched quite a bit because on occasion I leave a comment. The question you listed wasn’t even one of the funnier ones! I have seen a few in the horoscope section from this member (which was particularly humorous). I think the funniest ones are the ones where there are 2 answers and the other person outvotes him (and they both have an obscene number of votes) and he leaves a comment that the person has been reported for point-gaming.

Some people have said that it doesn’t matter that this is just the internet. The thing is, it is an integrity thing. You agree to terms and services and agree to follow rules.. So you are either a liar or not~ some people think God doesn’t care if they lie or cheat online. The truth is, you are letting the worst of you seep right through the keyboard so now not only God but the whole world got a good taste of your character.

*****ADD*******oh in direct answer to your question: You get a number of BA’s in a certain amount of time. I thought it was 30 in a 3 week period in a busy section.. but that can’t be the case because I just got mine back and I have maybe got 10 in the last 2 weeks. But I give good advice in Marriage and Divorce. (If they knew my age is 24 and I have only been with my husband 4 years they probably wouldn’t give me BA very often if at all lol~)

As for 50%… that is a bit overkill! I have 34% but sometimes it’s 33%.. But I have also been on here for over a year and like I said.. I give decent advice. I know how to relate to an asker in M&D therefore my advice is well recieved. The person in question above.. It’s always odd to see the rude answers voted as best.. things don’t actually work that way without cheating.. trust me.

Oh and I am not a JW.. but I was raised one.. that is why I am here in the first place 🙂

How exactly do you figure that a 48% best answer rating is, and I quote from your question, “more than 50% best answers”? That is an impossibility.

Also, why did you post this question in the Religion & Spirituality board? There’s no relevance in your question to the subject of this board. What you’re asking should be posted in the questions about Yahoo Answers section. It would be more appropriate there.

** Rustic B, you know as well as everyone that everything you claim about me is a lie.

**** (Below is from Porcelain Vessel, who asked that I insert it into this answer.)

If you’re interested in knowing how someone can get a high percentage rate on Y!A, maybe you could ask some like Grey Tower, who has 46% best answers (mostly by voting).
Are you insinuating that she is voting for her own answers too?;_ylt…

Since both profiles have hidden Q&A’s, it’s hard to see what’s going on. But here is my theory:

1. Set up a profile and ask questions
2. Set up a second profile and answer the questions you asked on profile #1
3. Give yourself best answer
4. Keep your Q&A’s private so no one can prove it

I once saw someone who was a level 4 with 100% Best Answer. That’s the only explanation.

I’ve noticed that whenever I ask a question addressed to JW’s, within 24 hours the same handful of JW users show up to answer it, no matter what time of day I post it. They seem to have some kind of homing instinct. Or perhaps, as someone suggested, they are all part of a a circle that says “Hey, look at this question!”

There are some Jehovah’s Witnesses that do this, there are others that don’t. As for reporting I’ve taken some I had off block that i figured were safe and decent. That guy openly admits he will do whatever he likes to prevent people from ‘spreading lies’. I never purposely spread lies and always make sure I believe something to be true before I post it. I usually include links, but most of the time I use just reasoning ability. I have never reported any Jehovah’s Witnesses question or answer at all and never would. In fact I don’t report any questions other than spam because I believe in freedom of speech.

The simple answer is, CHEATING! It’s simple to create multiple accounts and answer questions asked by your different accounts, then award yourself best answer! Unfortunately the system is open to abuse and many people on here, JWs included, abuse it.

I’m not too fussed about scoring loads of points or being a “top contributor,” I was one for a couple of months but now since I don’t come on here as much as I used to, got myself a second job and been very busy!!) I lost the top contributor badge. Not losing too much sleep over it. Personally I think grown adults who come on this site and argue over points and scoring best answer and who did what, who said what is faintly ridiculous and pathetic.

My guess is that these individuals search for questions with the fewest answers; make a short response, and when it goes into voting they use their multiple accounts to ensure that their response is “chosen” as the best answer. That’s a pretty common strategy used by folks like them.

There has got to be a way of manipulating the system as one answer suggests create several identities and then vote for your own questions. I note on the last link they guy has made is answers secret so that it probably what he is doing

It also depends on number of points a week, thus “top contributor”

I had it once.. it was gone in a month lol

What you can do is search for the oldest questions with the fewest answers… lol

I agree with you that there is a manipulation going on sometimes , personally it doesn’t bother me too much if a person(s) wants to pick best answer to there own question.
My attitude is that JWs have an opportunity to read biblical answers from non- watchtower members and hopefully come into a knowledge of who our Lord Jesus Christ really is >GOD<.

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Well he claims to be a jw, who thinks every woman or guy wants to sleep with him, that should tell you something.

He is pretty proud of himself. Not a strech that he is a blond with a blond complex, not to mention way to much time on his hands.

Or a more reasonable assumption is that he propably works for YA!

PS: It is for this reason alone that everyone that asks a question on YA, should not ever allow a question to go to vote!!! Help stop all the scaming and have the ballistics to pick a BA !!!

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