Ladies please help. I’m in love with two women. No, actually am in love with just 1 of them, so ?

.The thing is that I was in a “on and off” relationship, we would fight all the time and we decided it was best we broke up and sure we did but she kept coming back crying, saying that she wants me back and we got back together and we agreed to take it slow. And this went down for about a year and things got…

I think you should stick with the old girlfriend. I mean there has to be some feelings there or you wouldn’t have been with her and you wouldn’t have taken her back. If I’m wrong about that please send me a message and tell me why.

I think that this girl deserves some attention from you because you knocked her up and obviously told her something that made her be so head over heels for you.

Seriously… the old girlfriend is probably going to be the way to go. She is never going to get over you and there is always going to be something there.

What if you’re just in an “on and off again” relationship with the new chick, but you just haven’t had the off part? Seems from your info that you haven’t been in love with the new chick for very long….(could it be that she seems great because your nervous to be a dad?)

You could stay with the first girl for sake of the baby….may not be a super great life or the baby could be the turning point in your relationship or the better. No one knows because it differs for each person.

I think you should give it another shot with the first chick, leaving her preggo is really a sad and (sorry) jerkish thing to do. Be with her and help her with the newborn (she’ll need it), be there with your new baby.

Okay. So be a man. Take care of your kid. Dont be a loser that gets a woman pregnant and later after he is through screwing her he moves on to another girl that will find out about it sooner or later. You have a child. Stop being a player. A child needs mom and dad. So settle out whatever differences you have because you had sex with her and grab some balls and be a man to your own child. What happened to the generation of decent men who took care of their kids regardless of their dislike of the mother. If she was so bad that you couldnt stand her, you shouldn’t have had sex with her. Duh! So you ruin her life and move on to another girl to ruin as well.

i think you should stay with the first!cause you have a child on her,but then you doesn’t love her,just tell the 2nd girl that your soon to be a daddy,tell her the truth,if she really loves you she will accept who you are right now,it is nice to know the truth that makes her sad but the lies that makes her happy and it only sees that when you tell her the lies it will be conscience for you because she will live in that lies but if she left you because of that you need to set her free

Whoever the hell you end up with, your future kid deserves to have a father! His father doesn’t have to be married to his mother, though… and I think you should just be honest and tell the new girl about your situation before things get any more serious with her.

end it with the pregnant one but insist on a role in the child’s life.
you don’t love her, no point in staying with her.

do women really fall for the inside?…

is it your baby? cus if it is..go for the old gf..but if not…go for the new one..since you dont want complications in your life like that

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