Obama’s new slogan for 2012 is “Vote Democrat, It’s easier than working”?

How are democrats reacting to this?

Just like this one did.


I think I can do better, a bit of a case of people in glass houses refraining from throwing stones.

Republican candidate (whoever) slogan for 2012;

Vote Republican, I am not as stupid as Sarah Palin.

Vote Republican for more politics of fear.

Vote Republican for more illegal torturing.

Vote Republican, now that we have destroyed Iraq, with your support we can start another unnecessary war and maybe kill more than 100,000 civilians this time.

It’s funny to me that the same people who say “Democrats don’t work/are lazy” somehow find the time to spend all day on Yahoo! Answers.

Is that really their slogan? Or is it something that the GOP Useful Idiots coined?

i thought that was the secret con slogan to satisfy the corporate fatcats

Utter nonsense.

yes,…the party of sheep and entitlements support a failed messiah!!!

cute, your desperation is showing in every post you post.

The sad part about it, is that it’s true….BEWARE!!

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